Fast and Easy Front Door Wreath for Lent

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Fast and Easy Front Door Wreath for Lent

Our front door started out sad this Lent.  In our defense, we began by finishing up a round of influenza B for mama and all four kids.  And after a lackluster Advent preparation, I was determined not to let Lent get away from us as well.  I decided that this year I want to not only decorate our home for the liturgical year but that I also want to promote our beautiful and rich Catholic faith to others that pass by and enter into our home.  Thus the birth of the #CatholicFromTheCurb project and a quick DIY Lent front door wreath project today.

First up was a trip to Hobby Lobby!  I found this wreath which was love at first sight.  The earthy-ness of the sticks, the simplicity of the design, and the fact that it resembles the crown of thorns a little – I love it!  During Lent, I primarily wanted just the plain wreath hanging from a purple ribbon so I put the wreath and the ribbon in my cart.  Upon turning the corner, I found palm leaves and immediately thought of how the wreath could change as the days to Easter drew near.  So I picked up a bundle of those as well and an extra roll of red satin ribbon for Palm Sunday.  

I quickly found a stick that would hold my ribbon and I looped it through and tied off the ends based on how I was going to hang it from our home.

I then turned my over the door wreath hanger backward and attached the wreath from the backside.  

There!  That is MUCH better don’t you think?  Now our home looks like a Catholic home in the season of Lent!  

I’m thrilled with this simple Lenten wreath I was able to make this afternoon!  I hope you will take the time to make one as well!  


I haven’t decided on what to do for the Resurrection… do you all think I should go with white lilies or the Paschal lamb?  Both would be lovely!  Comment below with your vote and I will make the one that you all choose!  

And let’s chat!  Leave me a hashtag with #catholicfromthecurb so I can see how you are sharing the Faith from your home to the world!  

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  1. Beautiful, I love the wreath you found! We always do a plain grapevine wreath with purple ribbon starting on Ash Wednesday. On Palm Sunday, I pin onto the wreath the crosses and rosettes my kids weave with the palm leaves. Then on Easter Sunday, the wreath gets adorned with a white ribbon, greenery, white flowers, and a simple cross. That is how we do #Catholicfromthecurb !

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