Eliminate Abortion to Reduce Breast Cancer


Don’t want breast cancer? Eliminate a huge risk and don’t have abortions! A new study from China indicates that abortion increases precast cancer risk by at least 1.55 times the normal rate. This is just one epidemiological study out of 53 that shows a positive statistical link between breast cancer and abortion! The Coalition on Abortion-Breast cancer has found 69 studies about the link, with 53 of them showing increased risk. This most recent Chinese study may even actually understate the significant risk due to the fact that most Chinese abortions happen after one child. One live birth/full term pregnancy matures up to 85% of breast tissue past susceptibility to cancer. Women who abort once (or even worse multiple times) before a live/full term pregnancy may have an even more significant breast cancer risk increase with each abortion.
This just solidifies the reasons for abortion to not only be rare, but actually impossible. If breast cancer organizations really wanted to prevent breast cancer, they would be vehemently opposed to abortions. Sadly this isn’t the case. If women’s health was truly the goal of all these organizations, they would never partner with or support an organization that performs or recommends abortions. Sadly, women’s health seems to be a distant last place finish behind convenience and instant gratification.
Please pray for abortion workers, people who have had or helped another get an abortion, for the victims of abortion, for those trying to save women and their children. All things are possible with God, so let us ask for His help in our fight for Life!

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