Craft: Presentation of Mary Picture Puzzles

Today, guest writer Janalin Hood returns to share a fun craft to do with the kiddos, Presentation of Mary Picture Puzzles.

Presentation of Mary Picture Puzzle

On Saturday November 21st we celebrate the presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary! I love to add in art appreciation anywhere possible in our home religious education so I came up with a simple and fun craft that you can complete with minimal time… picture puzzles!   


First off, before we start crafting, I like to read about feast days and make sure that everyone in our family gets a little bit of history behind the event.  Here is a fantastic link to visit and share with your family about why Joachim and Anne presented their young daughter to the divine service in the temple at Jerusalem at the young age of three!  


As a mother I have a hard time comprehending how hard it must have been to be able to turn over such a young child.  It is truly inspiring to think of how large Anne and Joachim’s faith was and how they knew that they child they should have never been able to have at their age was indeed called for His work.   


Supplies needed for the photo puzzles


(1)- color print out of image PDF 

(7)- jumbo craft sticks for each puzzle (or 28 total) 


Scrap Paper 

Modge Podge (or any glue) 

1” or wider brush 

Exacto knife (or utility knife) and cutting mat (or cardboard) 

Sharpie (optional) 


Step 1)  Cut out color images. There are enough for four puzzles! 



Step 2)  Prepare for gluing with scrap paper.  Place first image face side down and give the back side a thin coat of Modge Podge (or glue.)   



Step 3)  Start placing the craft sticks on either side of the image.  You should be able to see approximately 1” of exposed stick on either side of the image.  If you use Modge Podge you will need to work quickly as it dries fast.  No need to worry about perfection here… just be sure and leave enough room that you can see a thin white strip of the backside of the picture between the sticks. 


Step 4)  Pick up the puzzle from the scrap paper and set aside to allow to dry. 


Step 5)  Get a clean scrap paper for the next puzzle (if you don’t you risk part of your photo from puzzle #2 sticking to the scrap and then tearing off when you are finished- see my example of what not to do :/) 

Step 6) Repeat for puzzle #3 and #4. 


Step 7) Cut puzzles apart with knife and cutting mat.  You can use the craft sticks as your guide and do not need any additional straight edge. 


Step 8) If you have young learners in your home like we do you can add numbers or a,b,c’s to help them complete the pictures correctly.  I chose to leave the two more detailed puzzles without markings for our oldest and then added numbers and the alphabet to two of the more simple images for our preschooler. 



Step 9)  Find a sandwich bag and quickly pick them up for a quiet activity on the go.  Our puzzles are going to go in the Mass bag when we are done! 


BONUS-  As you may have found I also included a beautiful religious coloring page for your older children to enjoy.  See page 2 of the PDF link above! 


And there you have it!  Enjoy the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary with your family this coming Saturday!  And let me know if you are interested in seeing what I keep in my Mass bag.  We LOVE using it and it helps our busy young family stay seated in our pew (almost) all the time!  😉 


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