Catholic Sistas 2014 Year in Review

Happy new year, friends! Can you believe 2014 has come to a close? Each year I am excited to look back and see what we have accomplished as friends. As I started the year in review post, it became evident that a longer list made better sense than last year’s Top 10 most popular posts for 2014. A longer list also gives new folks a good snapshot at the wide range of the topics we write.

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25) Baby Louie: A Tale of Faith, Hope, and Love

24) “Choice” Now Extends to Born Children, Too

23) Ode to Feminine Genius: The Proverbs 31 Catholic Woman Introduction

22) Back to Basics in {Catholic} Homeschooling

21) Five Ways to Avoid Purgatory

20) The Crisis of Fluffy American Homilies

19) (Mis)understanding the Hobby Lobby Ruling

18) 12 Things Catholic Fathers Want to Tell You about Themselves

17) The Story of a Seminarian…From a Mom’s Point of View

16) College, Marriage, Babies… But Not In That Order?

15) Owning Less, Appreciating More: A Catholic Discovers Minimalism

14) Your Handy-Dandy List of Catholic Date Nights on the Cheap

13) When a friend no longer loves you…

12) 4 Reasons Getting Married and Starting a Family at Age 21 Was a Great Decision

11) GIVEAWAY: A Catholic Calendar & Day Planner with a Unique Twist!

10) 50 Clever Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

9) 2014 Instagram Lenten Photo-a-Day Journey

8) The Official 2014 Catholic Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway!

7) 14 Things Catholic Moms Want to Tell You about Themselves

6) An Open Letter to My Gay Sister

5) My Journey through In Vitro Fertilization

4) 10 Things You Should Never Say to a Catholic Mom

3) A Letter to My Daughter on Her 18th Birthday

2) Put Your Helmet On

1) Why we DON’T use Birth Control

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