{Catholic} Homeschooling FAQ

{Catholic} Homeschooling FAQ, I think I have heard them all, all the questions that parents have or maybe are confronted by total strangers.  You know vague questions like:

Is it even legal to homeschool?

Why would anyone want to do that?

How does that work anyway?

To very personal and specific questions like:

Do you know enough to teach every subject at every level?

Don’t you want your children to have friends? 

How do you spend so much time with your children? Won’t you get tired of being around your kids all the time?

It is important for home educators to go through these questions and be able to answer them so that you are not taken aback or lefts speechless because of people’s lack of understanding or even their rudeness.  We, after all, represent a small but growing population and what we say does matter.

But when I say {Catholic} Homeschooling FAQ, I want to discuss mainly questions that home educators have regarding the bare bones of teaching at home.  Questions like:

How to flesh out all the curriculum choices and being overwhelmed by the choices out there?

When would I ever get some time to myself?

How do I convince my husband who is against homescholing?

But instead of assuming these are your questions, I would like to start a series this next year were readers submit questions and we answer them once a month here on Catholic Sistas.  To do this we have set up an exclusive email address for readers to email their questions to me.  It would look something like this:

{Catholic} Homeschooling FAQ #1 Submitted by Heather H.:

“Hi Erika, We’ve had a MASS exodus from our local public school during this school year. The most common questions from those parents to those of us schooling in the community have been: 
– How do I find a curriculum that works for my children?

– What about sports? (our school board has banned children from participating in school teams)
– What about going to college? 
– How do you make your hours? (We’re an hours state)
– What extra curricular activities are homeschool friendly?
Could you give me a hand in answer these?  Thanks, Heather H.

You may submit your questions to our new email address here:


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