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How I Love My Spouse Well Enough

How I Love My Spouse Well Enough

by: Martina KreitzerThrough the years, our communication method would became dated. What once seemed sufficient enough to convey wants andRead more »

Unless He's Addicted

…Unless He’s Addicted

by: guestI yelled at God. I prayed that he let me die. Then I prayed that he make my husband die. God clearly did not want my husband toRead more »


Navigating Marriage at its Worst

by: guestHow had we gotten to where we were? Why did two people so in love fall so far apart? And the love we once had for each other wasRead more »


Relatable: Love, Actually – A 2019 Catholic Sistas Series about Marriage

by: Martina KreitzerWhat about the Catholic who still believes in the sanctity of marriage, including its permanence? Is it even possibleRead more »

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