Mary, did you know?

There is a song I hear around this time of year that gives a different perspective of Christmas to those who hear it. Mary, Did You Know? was originally recorded and performed by Michael English, and has been popularized by other artists such as Wynona … Continue readingMary, did you know?

Offer it up

While I know I have been very blessed in my life, there have also been times I have struggled or faced trials. And in those times, it was recommended to me that I “offer it up” to the Lord. Anyone who does this knows what … Continue readingOffer it up

Let go and let God

I have been blessed in my life. I had a happy childhood, I have a wonderful husband and two amazing children. I have a faith that has carried me through the few trials I’ve experienced, and I’ve grown as a wife and mother every day. … Continue readingLet go and let God

Ponder in your heart

It’s well known that it’s easier to see problems in others than yourself. After all, we can justify anything to ourselves, but simply can’t understand how others can do the same thing, right? Part of the Sacrament of Reconciliation is self-examination. The first step in … Continue readingPonder in your heart