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The True Presence and Our Conviction

by: Michelle SchroederWould you die for a consecrated Host? It’s one thing to ask if you’d be willing to die for Jesus but it’s anRead more »

Me and the Fig Tree

by: Michelle SchroederThe next day, I talked to a friend who is a wealth of Catholic knowledge. I asked him my question about JesusRead more »

The Devil is in the Details

The Devil is in the Details

by: Michelle SchroederYou may wonder why our Church gives us those specific rules about what qualifies as Mass attendance when our LordRead more »

There's No Denying It

There’s No Denying It

by: Michelle SchroederWhile awaiting the verdict that the was to be handed down regarding Jesus, Peter denied him in three separateRead more »

We Need to Talk

We Need to Talk

by: Michelle SchroederNo, I don’t want to break up with Jesus! The last thing I want is to be apart from Him, but our relationship neededRead more »

Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities

by: Michelle SchroederMy fear is that all of these missed opportunities will be shown to me, newsreel style – I know that’s weirdRead more »

Summer Projects

by: Michelle SchroederWhile there are many sources of inspiration all around, one thing that I find particularly inspiring is learningRead more »


Too Much Information: The Race to Learn the Faith

by: Michelle SchroederWe do need to know about our faith in order to live it and spread it. It’s a great idea to devote some time eachRead more »


Love One Another

by: Michelle SchroederLove one another. This phrase popped into my head more than once as I sat in Adoration…this straight forwardRead more »

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