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Murky Waters and Marvelous Mondays

Murky Waters and Marvelous Mornings

by: Mary Beth WeisenburgerGive the murky waters time to settle and the Holy Spirit time to work. You’ll be amazed at what a fresh outlookRead more »

Beyond Sunday - Becoming a 24:7 Catholic

REVIEW: Beyond Sunday by Teresa Tomeo

Most people likely know Teresa Tomeo as the intelligent, inquisitive, straight-talking host of the Catholic Connections radio program andRead more »

Kingdom of Happiness

REVIEW: Kingdom of Happiness

by: Mary Beth WeisenburgerHappiness—it seems so elusive in our everyday lives, doesn’t it? This is likely not because it doesn’t existRead more »

The Answer is Always the Same

The Answer is Always the Same

by: Mary Beth WeisenburgerIt could be posed in my prayer journal. It could be in the form of a petition during Mass. Or it could beRead more »

Love, Despite

Love, Despite

by: Mary Beth WeisenburgerDespite. Initially, I thought it was a negative word that implied a struggle, a difficulty, a challenge toRead more »

Jumping Off the Complain Train

Sometimes, I’m a willing passenger. But most of the time, I promote myself all the way up to chief engineer. I’m talking about theRead more »

A Magnificat Year

My palms were sweating like crazy. It was only my second attempt at the Sacrament of Reconciliation since returning to the Catholic ChurchRead more »

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