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Line-by Line Prayer Reflection: Anima Christi, Part IX

This is the ninth of a series of posts reflecting line-by-line on the Anima Christi. “From the malicious enemy, defend me.” Every SundayRead more »

Pray the Rosary

Nuestra Señora del Santisimo Rosario by Damian Domingo (1790-1832) Today is the Memorial for Our Lady of the Rosary. It’s a great dayRead more »

How to Lose Weight the Fast Way

::disclaimer:: This post is not intended to cause distress toward those who suffer from eating disorders. The title may inadvertentlyRead more »

Do You Fit God In or Do You Have an Appointment?

Do you have a set prayer time each day? I’m thinking of individual time for you with God. Family prayer time (if you do that in yourRead more »

A Spiritual Journey Through Prayer

One year ago God invited me on a spiritual journey. I remember praying and asking Him if He was sure this was what He wanted me to do. IRead more »

Five Ways to Avoid Purgatory

In part one of this series on purgatory, we talked about what purgatory is and why it’s logical (and biblical) that we need to be purifiedRead more »


This is the sixth in a series of posts reflecting line-by-line on the Anima Christi. “O good Jesus, hear me.” How often do I hear, “Mom,Read more »

Line-by-Line Prayer Reflection: Anima Christi, Part 5

This is the fifth in a series of posts reflecting line-by-line on the Anima Christi. It’s all about the cross ~ A crucifix, that is. CrossRead more »

Take It and Be Happy

As I sat beside my father-in-law’s bedside, holding his hand while he lay with labored breathing, my head rested on the blanket and IRead more »

What is a Novena?

Growing up in the Catholic Church I was taught to pray simple prayers like the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be. In ourRead more »

The Divine Mercy: Jesus I Trust in You

Jesus, I trust in You. Five little words, but five powerful words. These words alone are often what I use when I am in need of comfort fromRead more »

The Joy of the Crucifix

We turned off the windy country road onto a gravel drive. As we started up the hill I looked around at my surroundings. I would be spendingRead more »

I give up!

This Lent has been a particularly fruitful time for me. I cannot remember another one in recent memory when I have remained so focused onRead more »

Eucharistic Adoration

It was a bright spring day in May. Only two weeks left before summer vacation, and my first overnight school trip with my oldest was laterRead more »

The Sorrowful Mysteries and a Good Friday Cry

Fridays are full of feelings- anticipation, accomplishment, exhaustion, and, yes, sorrow. For me, it is the end of a packed week of gettingRead more »

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