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Tiffany P. is a 23 year old wife and Mommy to two babies born 16 months apart. Tiffany’s relationship with God began when she was 14, where she was baptized at a large Baptist church in her Texas hometown. She spent the next five years growing closer to God through daily prayer, Scripture meditation, and her active membership in her Baptist youth group, where she made lifelong friendships. At 18, a burden was placed on her heart for the lack of unity in the Body of the Christ, as evidenced through the existence of multiple Christian denominations. Thus began a search for Truth through a re-evaluation of Scripture and history, and she found that the fullness of Truth is found in the original Church established by Christ Himself. On April 11, 2009 at 19 years of age, Tiffany took the next step in her 5 year-old Christian journey by receiving the sacraments of confirmation and Eucharist, entering into full communion with the Holy Catholic Church. Her passion is to see all Christian brothers and sisters reconciled and unified once again.

Defending the Canon of the Bible–All 73 Books, Part 2

Last week, in the first part of this two part series, I gave a brief outline of the history of the Church and, by effect, the history ofRead more »

Defending the Canon of the Bible–All 73 Books

One common dispute against the Catholic Church by well meaning but misinformed Protestants is the assertion that the Catholic ChurchRead more »

The Baptism of our Lord: the Reason Baptismal Regeneration is True

    In the spirit of the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which was celebrated yesterday, my heart has been on this first baptism and theRead more »

Brother Francis: A New, Faith Building Cartoon Series

In light of the coming holiday, I decided to take a break from my usual, heavy apologetics stuff to provide a review for a Catholic kidsRead more »

If Sola Scriptura Is True

In a popular apologetics book written by one Catholic Sistas’ guest contributors Devin Rose, entitled If Protestantism Is True, an approachRead more »

Mary: More Than a Minor Role in the Christmas Story

In many non-Catholic Christian traditions, the time of year has arrived in which it is deemed acceptable to remember Mary, theRead more »

Teachings of the Early Church Fathers: How Catholics Embrace “Faith Alone”

Though Christ never intended for His Body of believers to be divided, in the 495 years since the initiation of Protestantism, the battleRead more »

Reformation Day: What the Original Protestant actually Taught

Today marks one day shy of 495 years since Martin Luther first initiated what would become known as the Protestant Reformation, by nailingRead more »

The False Dichotomy of Religion versus Relationship with God

In 2007, the year I graduated high school and the year Facebook began to popularize, the “religious views” section of my profile stated:Read more »

Understanding Catholicism with Baptist Theology

The Baptist faith community where I grew up deserves most of the credit for making me into the Christian I am today. It was there that IRead more »

Going AWOL Out of The Christian Civil War: How My Desire for Christian Unity Lead Me Home to The Catholic Church (Part 2))

In the first part of my “coming home” story, I described how my Christian life began and how, only a few years later, God began to place aRead more »

Going AWOL Out of The Christian Civil War: How My Desire for Christian Unity Lead Me Home to The Catholic Church (Part 1)

“So, that girl, do you know if she’s a Christian?” “Uh, well, she’s Catholic…” This was a statement that I have said more than once growingRead more »

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