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Lead Me Letting Go and Letting God

Lead Me: Letting Go and Letting God

When we do not habitually communicate with one another our friendship changes, our intimacy dwindles. We intentionally make time to connectRead more »

REVIEW: Can We Be Friends?

Book Review: Can We Be Friends?

friendships are an absolutely beautiful and necessary part of life. In a culture that seems to increasingly isolate ourselves, it isRead more »

Woman, Why Are You Weeping?

“Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you looking for?” asks Jesus of Mary Magdalen at the tomb. How often in my life has Jesus asked thisRead more »

Who Is My Master?

Who is My Master?

We are slaves to many things in our daily lives; work, commutes, money, material goods, physical fitness, sex, food, sports andRead more »

Deliver Us

Sometimes I wonder what the world would look like if no one prayed. And then, I thank God for all those who believe in the power of prayerRead more »

Wordy Matter

I was mistreated. It happened while I was on the jam and jelly aisle looking for fig jam- it is fab-u-lous with brie cheese and crackers.Read more »

Life Goals

It happens to me every time I attend a funeral, especially a Catholic funeral Mass. I cry, I mourn and I thank God for the Catholic Church.Read more »

What Consumes Me

“Cute dress, love your shoes.” A friend compliments. “Thanks”, I say leaning in a little to whisper, “They were such a steal, that IRead more »

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