Lead Me: Letting Go and Letting God

When we do not habitually communicate with one another our friendship changes, our intimacy dwindles. We intentionally make time to connect in order to maintain the closeness of our relationship. Sometimes this is as simple as a text message exchange until we can catch up with one another in deeper conversation.  This connectivity is what allows us to freely spill our hearts out to one another. Prayer is like that too.  We need, no, we must carve out quiet time each day inviting God into our lives, building a friendship. … Continue readingLead Me: Letting Go and Letting God

Who is My Master?

We are slaves to many things in our daily lives; work, commutes, money, material goods, physical fitness, sex, food, sports and entertainment, …even family life and religion can become our master.  I only have to look at what is consuming my mind and my time to identify what or who it is I serve.  … Continue readingWho is My Master?

Deliver Us

Sometimes I wonder what the world would look like if no one prayed. And then, I thank God for all those who believe in the power of prayer and use it. Right this minute there are cloistered nuns and monks praying for you and for … Continue readingDeliver Us

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