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Frequently referring to her life as a divinely-orchestrated, beautiful, but chaotic symphony, Lynette is a wannabe monastic, contemplative soul who is often found laughing at God’s unending sense of humor in her life.  Married for 36 years to a man who is the most tangible witness of God’s infinite mercy, Lynette is blessed to be called “Mom” by 5 and “Nana” by 2. A veteran of 25+ years of homeschooling, she will tell you the biggest and best lessons in life have nothing to do with academics and everything to do with our Catholic faith.  She is a strong advocate for mental health awareness, having experienced her own “dark night of the soul”, and currently leads a weekly peer-to-peer self-help support group as a member of Recovery International. Both a professed Lay Carmelite and a Marian Missionary of Divine Mercy, she strives to live out her contemplative life with a merciful outlook.
May Her Soul Rest In Peace, Oh Lord

May Her Soul Rest in Peace, O Lord

I had attended the group a few months prior to share information about a mental health support group I help to run in the local area, as IRead more »

Just How Good are Those Mud Pies

Just How Good are Those Mud Pies?

I’ve splashed and played in the mud most of my life, eating my fill of my carefully crafted mud pies. I’ve felt the hunger that has neverRead more »

Dark Knight

Dark Night

Mention the words “dark night” in conversation today and most likely one’s first reaction will be to conjure up images ofRead more »

I Am Love and Mercy Itself

I Am Love and Mercy Itself

He didn’t leave me there because I needed Him.  Despite all I had been learning and doing to promote the message of His Mercy, there wereRead more »

She Wasn't Invisible

She Wasn’t Invisible

It has been said the eyes are the windows to the soul. I only held her gaze for less than a minute, but the look in her eyes could haveRead more »

When You Say You Love Me

When You Say You Love Me

We humans have a significant handicap when it comes to love. Our fallen human nature will forever prohibit us from being able toRead more »

What's Your Gift?

What’s Your Gift?

People remember fondly the quirky things about us or their loved ones, and by doing so, honor the Creator who found delight (or humor) inRead more »

Hello, Depression, My Old Friend

Hello Depression, My Old Friend…

Welcome to this installment in the series REAL AND RAW – SOUL-STIRRING STORIES, a series focused on taking a candid look at theRead more »

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

What I had considered for months to be just normal motherhood exhaustion and worry, was really the beginning of a slow, downward spiral,Read more »

New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

“So, what’s your New Year’s resolution?” I smiled and politely responded, “I’m not sure yet,” all the while fighting the urge to launchRead more »

REVIEW: 100 Holy Hours for Women

  “The Eucharist is the greatest gift of the love of Jesus Christ.” St. Peter Julian Eymard   This year, the CatholicRead more »

God’s Fabulously Fashioned Feminine Form

photo credit: hernanpba It was a clear, sunny afternoon. Immersed in some mundane daily chore, my routine was abruptly interruptedRead more »

Collateral damage- Ugly

“Collateral damage—is that all I am, adrift in the wreckage of your sleight of hand? Is there a reason why I can’t heal, I can’tRead more »

It’s Your Journey

Generally a positive, upbeat person, it takes quite a bit for me to have a “down” day. But like everyone, sometimes I’mRead more »

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