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Frequently referring to her life as a divinely-orchestrated, beautiful, but chaotic symphony, Lynette is a wannabe monastic, contemplative soul who is often found laughing at God’s unending sense of humor in her life.  Married for 36 years to a man who is the most tangible witness of God’s infinite mercy, Lynette is blessed to be called “Mom” by 5 and “Nana” by 2. A veteran of 25+ years of homeschooling, she will tell you the biggest and best lessons in life have nothing to do with academics and everything to do with our Catholic faith.  She is a strong advocate for mental health awareness, having experienced her own “dark night of the soul”, and currently leads a weekly peer-to-peer self-help support group as a member of Recovery International. Both a professed Lay Carmelite and a Marian Missionary of Divine Mercy, she strives to live out her contemplative life with a merciful outlook.