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Karen is a Catholic stay at home mom to three kids and wife to handsome hubby, J. Since getting married in 2010, Karen and J have lived in four different towns spread across three states and have had two daughters and a son. When not chasing a baby, toddler, and preschooler, Karen enjoys reading, learning new facts and hobbies (sewing and crocheting are the latest hobby crafts), and diving into homeschooling the oldest kiddo, while trying to keep Jesus and Mary at the center of daily life.

October- The Most Holy Rosary

October is the month dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary! One of the most popular devotions ever conceived in the Church has to be the MostRead more »

Do You Know Who You Are in the Father’s Eyes?

Recently, I attended a monthly diocesan women’s night where women from the area are invited to listen to a speaker on a topic related toRead more »

August: The Month of the Blessed Sacrament

Last month, we discussed the July devotion to the Precious Blood. Today, we explore the August devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament. WeRead more »

July: Devotion to the Precious Blood of Our Lord

Last month we explored the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This month, we explore the devotion the Precious Blood of ourRead more »

June: The Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

With each month, our Holy Church has a dedicated devotional topic. Last month, we pondered the devotion to Mary, Mother of God . For theRead more »

May: The Month of Mary, Mother of God

In April, we looked at the devotion to the Holy Eucharist and Holy Spirit. This month, the Church asks us to turn towards Mary, Mother ofRead more »

April: Dedication to the Holy Spirit and the Holy Eucharist

Last month, we learned about the March devotion to St Joseph. This month we look to April’s dedication: The Holy Spirit and the HolyRead more »

March: Dedication to Saint Joseph

Last month we reflected a little on the Church’s devotion for February of the Holy Family.  Today we explore the March devotion: StRead more »

February: The Holy Family

February: The Month of the Holy Family

Attacked on all sides, the infrastructure and value of the family has crumbled in our society. High divorce rates, lower marriage rates,Read more »

Lighting a Fire in a Blizzard: Ten Ways to Be Pro-Life All Year Long

I really don’t like winter. And I really, really don’t like the cold. Born and raised in Southern California, I was used to mildRead more »

New Year’s Resolutions: Top Tips and Suggestions

It’s that time of year!  At the end of the year, once the Christmas presents have been unwrapped, visitors are saying theirRead more »

Why the First of January is a Holy Day of Obligation

The Feast of the Nativity of our Lord has passed, and now we are in the thick of a joyous Christmas season! Hallelujah!    ButRead more »

The First Sunday of Advent: A Reminder to Love

Preparing our hearts and minds for authentic Christmas is challenging. With how much our culture promotes consumerism, Santa, decoratingRead more »

Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Catholic

It is always our intent here at Catholic Sistas to provide you with inspiration, guidance, and hope in Christ. Children are the greatestRead more »

10 Small Ways to Live Out Laudato Si

The internet is ripe with criticism of Pope Francis’s public speaking topics. “I wish he’d talk more about abortion.” “What aboutRead more »

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