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Jeanne is a happily married wife (to Ryan, July 2008) and mama of two beautiful biological children (Maximus 2009 & Caroline 2011). In 2014, Jeanne and Ryan finalized the adoption of Harlei (2012) into their family. As a “Cradle Catholic,” she spent years going through the motions before she actually came to understand and fall in love with our beautiful faith. Now, she enjoys discussing it with others, trying her best to live it.

Why we DON’T use Birth Control

Yesterday, the popular website, Buzzfeed, gathered 22 female employees for an article highlighting why the women use contraception. OtherRead more »

7 Quick Takes No. 21: An Interview with Leticia Adams

This week’s Quick Take features a friend and fellow blogger, Leticia Adams. She is a former pro choice supporter turned proRead more »

Summer Bucket List: Catholic Edition

I’m a list gal, and when I saw “The Bucket List” a few years back, the idea proposed in the film resonated with me. TheRead more »

Missed Opportunities

When the Patriots lost Superbowl XLVI to the Giants a couple of weeks back, I did some bit of whining and play analysis and concluded thatRead more »

This is a Marathon, Not a Sprint!

For the first time in recent memory, I ended a year on a Spiritual high note. I wasn’t running on fumes through Advent, I’veRead more »

What do you want of me, Lord?

Mary and Jesus I came to the realization recently, in my countdown to age 30, that I’ve spent a substantial amount of time these pastRead more »

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