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Amelia is a chatty cradle Catholic who has been married to her strong, silent cradle Catholic husband for ten years. They have four gorgeous children, with number five on the way and live a semi-nomadic military life. She is a professional kid-wrangler and wannabe wordsmith who spends her days homeschooling, changing diapers, and learning from her children how to be a better child of God

The Church Triumphant – Citizens of Heaven

If you are Catholic, you have heard the phrase “communion of saints” a lot, especially if you pray the rosary.  Have you ever stopped toRead more »

Purgatory – The Church Suffering

Being military, my family moves often. This comes with its advantages: we have seen different parts of the country; we have friendsRead more »

“The Gentiles shall walk in Thy light, and kings in the brightness of Thy rising.”

Have you ever heard the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”?  In it, the gifts get more extravagant as the days of Christmas wear on,Read more »

No MisConception, Here!

Imagine for a moment that you could choose your mother. Unrestricted by time, out of all the women in the world, you can handpick the womanRead more »

The Gift of Baptism

I was raised by a mother who understood love best in giving and receiving gifts.  Each treasure was meticulously chosen, prepared, and, atRead more »

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