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Allison Welch lives in SW Virginia with her husband, Barry, a Deacon in the Catholic Church. They are recent empty nesters, with two boys in college. She has a Masters in Theology, has taught high school Theology for 9 years and loves to share her faith. “I hope someday to meet God, because I want to thank him for the flowers.” Robert Breault

Happy Feast of the Assumption!

When I taught high school theology, it was one of many vocabulary words that students got confused: Assumption, Ascension, Annunciation. ToRead more »

A Mom's Reflection on the Final Four

A Mom’s Reflections on the Final Four

In all the years I’ve not-so-graciously watched basketball, football, and soccer, I haven’t learned much. My interest lies primarily in theRead more »

12 Rules for Life: Chapter 2

She declared it in the middle of my misery like a National Holiday: “It’s ‘Be-Good-to-Allison-Day.’” Yes! Finally! Someone “getsRead more »

What I Learned in the Walmart Parking Lot

Life weighed heavy on me: the loss of employment and relationships and financial difficulties that go with it; a son’s medical issues andRead more »

There Are No Bad People

There Are No Bad People

“There are no bad people, Mommy!” he protested adamantly. In his short little life it was already an old argument. About AllisonRead more »

12 Thoughts on 12 Rules for Life

12 Thoughts on 12 Rules for Life

This is a 12 part chapter review on Jordan Peterson’s book entitled 12 Rules for Life; An Antidote to Chaos.  Read it along with me,Read more »

The Sacramentality of Shoes

The Sacramentality of Shoes

Just like that. The diaper bags and car seats are gone. The baby gates and playpens are put away.  I don’t own a single baby bottle or burpRead more »

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