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Allen Hébert works in the Information Technology field. Allen and his wife Denae, have been married for over 25 years and they have been blessed with nine children. In 2013, Allen and his wife Denae, founded Your Holy Family ministries to promote God's plan for family life through family retreats, workshops and family fun days. More information on their ministry can be found at

What God has Joined Let No One Divide

Your Family was started on the day you got married, and after you took your vows.  The presider may have uttered words similar to theRead more »

Courtship is not the Answer

I absolutely love the courtship approach to dating for my children, but it isn’t enough.  Courtship is the idea that youngRead more »

A Pilgrimage to the World Meeting of Families

What is a Pilgrimage? Photo by jurvetson A pilgrimage is a spiritual journey to a destination of religious significance.  It is not aRead more »

You Did it To Me: Visiting Christ, Who is Sick

Welcome to the series “You did it to me” where we will be discussing the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy. This will be aRead more »

To Prom or Not to Prom

A few years ago around this time of year, I made an inquiry on my Facebook Status, “To Prom or not to Prom, that is the question”. IRead more »

Pay Attention!

Raising a Holy Family The importance of being engaged in family life is key to raising a holy family.  Our goal as parents should be toRead more »

Family Matters

My wife’s grandparents and her aunts and uncles My wife and I are the only members of our family to have moved away from ourRead more »

A Place Set Apart for Love

For the last 4 years, my family and I have driven across the country (23 hours) to attend a week long family camp at Catholic FamilylandRead more »

Respect Within the Family

What is respect? Respect is defined as “a feeling of admiring someone or something that is good, valuable, important” and alsoRead more »

How to Avoid Heartache in Dating

The Importance of Emotional Chastity in the Dating Process In my first article, Dating with Purpose, I provided the big picture of howRead more »

Dating with Purpose

What is the Goal of Dating? Most of us have grown up with dating being a part of our lives or a part of the lives of people we know andRead more »

Swing Dancing until 4 AM

A family that plays together… has a lot of fun.  Remember when your kids were young, under age six or so?  Did you play with them, readRead more »

Family Time!

For the past nine years, the Brothers of St. John have held a family retreat in Buda, TX at the Onion Creek Ranch.  My family has attendedRead more »

How to Win the Culture War…

… One Family at a Time A Typical Photo from a Gay Pride Parade I believe that the cultural battles today are a direct result of aRead more »

It’s Not All About Money

A few years ago I met Ian Rutherford at the Catholic New Media Conference in San Antonio.  I shared a bit about what I did professionallyRead more »

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