7 Quick Takes Friday, no. 6

Welcome once again to 7 Quick Takes at Catholic Sistas. If you’re a new visitor, WELCOME! We hope you enjoy what you see here and come back to check out our other amazing posts. We have a large list of contributors and today we are highlighting ink slinger Emily. Read on to find out some fun facts about Emily, including her favorite prayer, why she loves doing laundry, and what kind of wine she enjoys. Thanks for visiting, Catholic Sistas!

What is your favorite religious icon, statue, or other image?

I have a beautiful statue in my bedroom of the Blessed Virgin which belonged to my Grandmother.  I remember seeing it in her house when I was a child, so it’s very meaningful to me.  I also have a small statue of the Sacred Heart that I won in a school raffle when I was a child.  I always thought it was such a quirk that I won such a beautiful little statue and it’s always sat on my dresser, right next to Mary.

What is your favorite prayer?

The Hail Mary rolls easiest out of my mouth.  I definitely turn to that prayer during moments of fear or panic, and it just brings me so much peace.  I also enjoy the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  I often pray using Rosary Apps on my smart phone… on my drive home from work.

How many kids do you have?

We have 4 kids… two older boys in elementary school and two younger girls (preschooler and toddler)… at least so far.  They are the light of our lives and it’s an amazing joy to be so blessed with them.  I love learning their little personalities as they grow – their interests, likes, dislikes, quirks, and amazing senses of humor!

What volunteer activities are you involved in?

I’m very involved at our parish school, childcare center, and on our parish counsel.  I enjoy being around the kids at the school and planning fundraisers and events.  This past year I volunteered at Vacation Bible School – which was fun, but absolutely exhausting!

What is your favorite secret indulgence?  Do you have to have a hiding spot in your house for it?

I have a problem with chocolate… those little Dove Promises to be exact.  It’s those little messages inside the wrapper that draw me in – I have to keep eating them until I find one I haven’t read before!

Which, at this point, is becoming more and more difficult.

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel filled, almonds… and seriously, have you tried the sea-salt-caramel-dark-chocolate????  OMG!

They’re hidden in the pantry – which happens to also be our laundry room, so clearly…

What is your favorite household chore?

… LAUNDRY!  Yeah… totally laundry. 😉

What is your favorite alcoholic drink and when was the last time you enjoyed it?

I’m a fan of red wine – mostly Malbec or Pinot Noir.  We often have a glass in the evenings while relaxing on the couch in front of the TV.
I learned a lot about wine in college when I took an extracurricular wine tasting class.  I’m pretty sure it was my favorite class in college.

What do you like to do in your “down time”?

Well, between raising 4 kids, attempting to maintain a household, and working full time as an electrical engineer… I certainly don’t get much down time.  But we are blessed to have built-in-babysitters (Grandparents!) who live nearby, so I do enjoy spending Friday nights with my husband – whether it be going out to dinner or simply sitting on the couch enjoying a movie rental.  We also have lots of other friends (mostly other parents at the parish school) that we like to socialize with.  We often have a whole bunch of families over to our neighborhood spring to go swimming on a Saturday night.  We have great fun laughing, joking, and enjoying a beer with our friends.

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