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Dear Distracted Mom of Littles

How do I keep toddlers behaved during Mass while still maintaining some semblance of prayer and worship for myself? – Distracted MomRead more »

Five Ways we Benefit from the Most Holy Rosary

As we fought through traffic to deliver the meal post-school pick-up, my oldest asked why we “always” make a meal for a new family. In aRead more »

Jesus In A T-Shirt

I love being Christian. I love the peace that it brings. I love what the Church stands for. I love the history it holds. I love how it’sRead more »

How I Love My Spouse Well Enough

How I Love My Spouse Well Enough

Through the years, our communication method would became dated. What once seemed sufficient enough to convey wants and needs became aRead more »

our lady of sorrows

A Space for Grief: A Reflection on Our Lady of Sorrows

A Confusing Feast On first look, Our Lady of Sorrows is confusing. It’s a whole day, a whole “Feast” Day, devoted to sorrow. How does oneRead more »

Sneaking Prayer into the Everyday

Sneaking Prayer into the Everyday

Prayer shouldn’t be that hard, should it? After all, it is (among other things) a conversation with God. I’m a chatterbox. It should beRead more »

Catholic Double Barrel Names You Are Gonna Love

Catholic Double Barrel Names You Are Gonna Love

One of the tricky things about naming kiddos has often been finding a unique combination of names – first and middle – thatRead more »

On the Choosing, Keeping, and Caring of Catholic Godparents

On the Choosing, Keeping, and Caring of Catholic Godparents

Choosing good godparents is an important part of planning a Catholic baptism. A godparent must be a Catholic in good standing; being atRead more »

Of Note–September 2019

Fall is in the air! Are you feeling it yet? We sure are in Utah. The days are growing shorter. The weather is much cooler. Soon the leavesRead more »

There's No Denying It

There’s No Denying It

While awaiting the verdict that the was to be handed down regarding Jesus, Peter denied him in three separate exchanges. He had threeRead more »

Happy New, New Year!

Happy New, New Year: Trying an Autumn Reset

My resolutions were carefully written down, organized by theme, and numbered by the order in which I would tackle each. Now that I thinkRead more »

Funerals, Their Charm, & Praying for the Dead

When I was a little girl, I loved funerals. Death meant family time, good food, and prayer. What more was there? Catholics have a specialRead more »

God Always Provides

As I scrolled through Facebook the other day, I stumbled upon  a piece about large families. It was an outline of things you shouldRead more »

9 Ways Two Isms can Coexist in Your Large Family

9 Ways Two ‘Isms’ can Coexist in Your Large Family: Catholicism and Minimalism

…having a large family doesn’t mean you have to own all. the. things. Learn some easy ways your large family can keep what youRead more »

Community, Detachment, and Military Moves

The military is a beautiful, unique vocation.  We have lots of military Ink Slingers who share beautiful insights of their experiencesRead more »

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