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Dating with Disability (1)

Dating With Disability

by: Sarah BaileyAs a person with a disability, I can feel lost. Questions run through my head. What will dating be like? Will anyone everRead more »

Of Note-June 2019

by: Maurisa MayerleWe have streamlined that for you and offer you the most worthy, relevant reads that will keep you informed and in-tuneRead more »

Every Dash Matters

Every Dash Matters

by: Michelle HamelI knew that every day we had with Therese was a miracle. There were SO many grace filled moments during those 16 days.Read more »

Every Run Tells a Story

Every Run Tells A Story

by: RandiWhen I run I am grounded. I am stripped raw of all the worldly afflictions. I am exposed – bare, raw, and vulnerable. AndRead more »

Summer Projects

by: Michelle SchroederWhile there are many sources of inspiration all around, one thing that I find particularly inspiring is learningRead more »

Passing on the Faith Resources for Parents

Passing on the Faith: Resources for Parents

by: Sarah AntonioAs moms, we always want the best for our kiddoes. As Catholic moms, we want even more for our children when it comes toRead more »

How Do You Fit in Time for Prayer?

How Do You Fit in Time For Prayer?

by: Lisa CanningBefore I had kids, I was a fairly scheduled person. I certainly struggled with maintaining good habits, but I managed toRead more »

The Beauty of Rote Prayer and a Good Planner

The Beauty of Rote Prayer and a Good Planner

by: Martina KreitzerOn and off over the years, we had often called on the Good Saint for his help, from selling homes, to work-relatedRead more »

REVIEW: Don’t Let the Culture Raise Your Kids

by: Victoria KieserThe doctors, therapists, and researchers I’ve interviewed, and the studies I’ve read, all seem to agree on two keyRead more »

Five Reasons to Wear a Veil

Five Reasons to Wear a Veil (and Five Not to…)

by: Antonia GoddardWhilst veiling is becoming an increasingly popular decision among young Catholic women, my journey to the mantilla hasRead more »

Mea Culpa Correcting Misunderstood Mariology

Mea Culpa: Correcting Misunderstood Mariology

by: Maurisa MayerleFather Dave Nix, known as Padre Peregrino, featured noted convert and die-hard Thomist, Dr. Taylor Marshall on hisRead more »

10 Angry and Cranky Saints to Call Upon When Rage Creeps In

by: Martina KreitzerEven on my most “ragiest” of rage days, there was always something in the back of my mind – calming, soothing,Read more »

The Flight Home

The Flight Home and the Beauty of the Kindness of Strangers

by: Devon WattamWhen the boys and I finally got settled into our seats on our final flight, I exhaled for what felt like the first timeRead more »

Where Does My Help Come From?

Where Does My Help Come From?

by: Celeste BowenThere is a trend that I’ve watched come to light in my journey through life after separation divorce, and in speakingRead more »

Grumbling Mass Goer

by: Krista SteeleI loved Jesus and had a deep devotion to our Holy Mother. I loved being Catholic, and yet I absolutely hated going toRead more »

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