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Misty converted to Catholicism from atheism 10 years ago, just a week after becoming a mother to her first child. Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom, she worked full-time as a magazine writer and editor. She has been married to her best friend for nearly 15 years and looks forward to many more decades by his side. Her days are now spent cooking, doing laundry, freelance writing, and homeschooling her four children. After spending so much of her life in spiritual darkness, she revels in the joy of being Catholic. Without a doubt, the Lord’s greatest gift to her has been saving her from a life without Him.

Christmas Joy is a Choice, Not a Feeling

In early November, long before Thanksgiving, I started Christmas shopping. Not because I’m obsessed with my kidsRead more »


For a Simpler Life, Get Rid of Your Soul-Sucking STUFF

You all know the drill–every December, stuff starts to find its way into your house. You throw a Christmas partyRead more »


The Best Little Charity You Never Knew

Two weeks ago, I picked up a magazine off our parish’s literature rack and thumbed through it. Halfway through, IRead more »


Three Cool Tools for Getting Kids to Do Their Chores

I knew when we had three kids in three years that we were going to have to get them involved in the household upkeep asRead more »


Movie Review: The Identical

Yesterday, I enjoyed an advanced screening of The Identical, a new film by City of Peace Films. The movie stars severalRead more »


Five Ways to Avoid Purgatory

In part one of this series on purgatory, we talked about what purgatory is and why it’s logical (and biblical) thatRead more »


The Right–and Wrong–Way to Talk about Rape

A well-known Catholic blogger recently wrote about the connection between the dehumanizing mentality of the “hook-upRead more »


Purgatory 101: Part 2

In part one of this series, we talked about what purgatory is and why it’s logical (and biblical) that we need to beRead more »


Purgatory 101: Part 1

This is the first in a three-part series on purgatory. This article discusses the purpose of purgatory and addressesRead more »


50 Clever Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

I’ve been pregnant six times and only once announced the pregnancy to friends and family in a creative way. So inRead more »


“Choice” Now Extends to Born Children, Too

For decades, prochoice advocates have insisted there’s no “slippery slope” to abortion, that the right to end yourRead more »


Every Child a Wanted Child

When I saw the second pink line on the pregnancy test, I felt sick. All the reasons why this pregnancy was a catastropheRead more »


Confessions of a Prideful Idiot

I live in interior Alaska and today was fairly brisk at 20 degrees below zero. So naturally, my daughter’sRead more »


Get Your Letter from Santa!

Catholic Sistas began as a collaboration between Catholic women who had become friends through an online forum. And asRead more »


Ten Ways to Grow in Holiness Today

1. Give God the start and/or the end of your day. Make a decision to get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to prayRead more »

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