This is the seventh of a series of posts reflecting line-by-line on the Anima Christi. Within Thy wounds hide me. InRead more »


GIVEAWAY: 3rd Time’s the Charm – Everyone Wins!

Catholic Sistas celebrates three years TODAY! How did time fly by so quickly? We’re not sure, but we ARE sure ofRead more »


Loving my Cross (Even When I Hate It)

In many ways, I have had a wonderful life; blessings surround me. I was born to a strong, faithful, and loving CatholicRead more »


The Assumption: Finding Mary in the Darkness

At a young age I developed a fear of death. I don’t know what it was that caused me to fixate on this. It wasn’tRead more »


Gardening with Weeds

We have had a garden for a few years now. Each year we spend time together deciding what we want to plant. Our firstRead more »


The Ark, Lost and Found

Mary, as the new ark of the covenant, is my favorite Old Testament type ~ designed and built for beauty inside andRead more »


Online Homeschooling Curriculums- A Review: Part 1

You may be starting the new school year in mid to late August or not until after Labor Day weekend, but either way weRead more »


It’s Not Always Easy to Love

Last weekend, my husband and I attended the wedding of one of his friends from college. It was not a Catholic wedding,Read more »


Thankful for Pink, Glitter, Princesses and Ballerinas

My husband and I have been blessed with a boy and two girls, and today I would like to talk about girls.  OurRead more »


It’s All About Love

Next to my bed, written on a yellow scrap of paper in scribbled handwriting, was a quote. I don’t know where I foundRead more »


Seven Quick Takes Favorite Authors and Titles

For this weeks Quick Take 7, I polled a variety of our Catholic Sistas to come up with a quick choice of seven newRead more »


The Story of a Seminarian…From a Mom’s Point of View

When I first became a mom, I was not quite 23 years old. I lived 3 hours away from my parents and my friends, and I hadRead more »


Oh Martha!

Today is the feast day of St. Martha. Most of us know her from the Bible story of Mary and Martha. Jesus came to visitRead more »


Potty Watch

This afternoon found all of us except the baby huddled around printed pages ~ pointing, snorting, and laughing. What wasRead more »


Vitiligo & Me

Shortly after my 35th birthday three years ago, I started to notice a rapid change in my hands. But, let me back up aRead more »

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