Winners announced: This is not a veiled attempt at a giveaway – we ARE giving away a free veil!

Our winners for last week’s giveaway of a free veil from Veils by Lily are listed below.

WinnerS you say? Didn’t you say you were giving away ONE free veil?

Sho nuff! I did say we were giving away one veil, but after seeing such an incredible response to the giveaway and reading through all of the wonderful stories of how you have come to veil, we {Lily and I} decided to throw in a SECOND veil as a surprise. So…I give you not one, but TWO winners for a veil of your choice.


Congratulations to Karen and Rebecca! To claim your veil, please contact Lily at lily{at}veilsbylily{dot}com with your veil choice along with your shipping address.

Thank you to everyone who entered. It has been a wonderful giveaway learning of your journey to veil. 🙂

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