What happened to Catholic Sistas in 2021?

Oh, friend. Where to even start? A lot of detachment to what’s worked over the years and what a profound experience it has been. For nearly six months and counting, CS has faced a whole host of problems from malware to security to plugin and design failures. My laptop died at the beginning of the summer, taking with it my entire email list that I had saved.

Letting go of what a daily schedule has been for 10+ years was hard, but a hidden grace. It’s been a forced break that has yielded some great fruit. As we power forward, the blog is now being moved from one hosting site to another. As you can imagine, moving 10+ years worth of content is no small project. You may have noticed your email notifications came to an abrupt stop and new content ceased completely on CS. 2022 will bring with it some updated changes and we’re looking forward to finding our new normal!

Catholic Sistas is moving