The Economics of Sex

Friends of Catholic Sistas over at the Austin Institute have come up with something quite provocative – a series of “research animates” entitled The Economics of Sex that looks into the differences between men and women in the dating market and how each navigates it differently from a research standpoint. Pulled from their website, The Austin Institute is a team of scholars dedicated to social science research of the family, marriage, and contemporary relationships. This project is brought to the public through an infographic and a video that looks into the connection between data and everyday life. The video is ten minutes long and hits on quite a bit of information. While its focus is not intended to be a comprehensive look at the topic, the Institute does offer a resource guide for those who wish to learn more. With more videos on the horizon, it’s fair to say that this intro video will be expanded on in the near future. I invite you to bookmark, share on Facebook, tweet, or pin this new series to friends and family. Economics of Sex

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