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10 Commandments Parking Lot

10 Commandment Parking Lot

It is the dog days of summer here in Kansas now and the city pool isn’t even cool enough to offer any relief.  With more time being spent indoors we have been looking for games to keep everyone busy and not squabbling.  As you may know I am always looking for places to incorporate learning though play and I have been especially thinking of my boys lately since our oldest is approaching school age.  I designed this game using some favorite toys and geared it towards early elementary but can be easily adapted for all ages! 

10 Commandments Parking Lot

10 Commandment Parking Lot Game Supplies:

  • 10 Commandment Parking Lot Printable PDF  (I printed two sets on cardstock)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Wheel (or similar) cars… (trains work too!)
  • Laminator (Optional)

10 Commandments Parking Lot

Step 1) 

Print out the PDF from link above. 

Step 2)

Cut out game cards.  The highway goes across the bottom of each card. 

Step 3)

Gather your Hot Wheel cars,  Train engines, etc. Place them in the center of the table.

Step 4)

Give each player a ‘parking lot’.

Step 5)

Shuffle the game cards and place them in a stack face down where all players can reach.

10 Commandments Parking Lot

Step 6) 

PLAY! Let the youngest player draw from the top of the pile and read their commandment out loud.  After reading the commandment I ask the child if they know what it means and explain if necessary.  Then we look at the number on the left of the card and I ask them what it is.  Once they say “ten” I let them choose a Hot Wheels car and drive it to the proper parking space, followed by placing the game card in the discard pile.

For older children you can make the game a little harder by having a different player read their card to them without identifying the commandment or the number.  That player would have to then correctly tell which commandment or number it matches with before earning the car for their turn.  If the commandment is not answered correctly the game moves to the next player.

There are two “Parking Pass” cards per sheet and those can be saved and used to fill up empty places when nearing completion of filling the parking lot.  If a player draws a commandment that they already have filled they may draw again and place the repeated card in the discard pile.  Once the draw pile has been depleted shuffle the discarded cards and re-use.

The first player to fill their parking lot WINS!

10 Commandments Parking Lot

Here is to some summer afternoon games all while re-enforcing our faith! 

How has your summer been?  Are you ready for school to start? 🙂