Seven Quick Takes: Easter Traditions

Our forty days in the dessert are almost complete – today is Good Friday.  And while most of the Quick Takes this week will feature various Easter traditions embraced by members of Catholic Sistas I am beginning with an Easter tradition that our family has been using for almost 18 years and begins on Good Friday.

Quick Take One: The Easter Tree

On Good Friday we prepare a “dead” tree to plant. Typically we gather several large dead branches and place them in a container that is filled with rocks or bricks – something heavy. We explain to the children that the tree represents Jesus’s death as the tree is currently without life. Then Saturday night after the Vigil angels descend and decorate the tree bringing it back to life. We use live blossoms and leaves unless the time of year we are celebrating Easter is not providing us with sufficient blossoms we use store bought silk flowers. Regardless of what type of flower we use, we also need florists tape which I typically purchase at our local dollar store.We also use pretty ribbons that we tape to candy eggs and drap from the branches. On Easter morning the children get to see a beautiful tree that has come to life – representing Jesus’s resurrection and enjoy the sweet treats of the newly alive tree.


Easter tree 2006


Blog easter tree risen


Quick Take Two:  Some favorite recipes shared by our Ink Slingers:





Click on any of the pictures to get to the recipes.

Quick Take Three: another recipe but with a story!


This recipe is used to create a visual account of Jesus’s resurrection! (Click on picture)

or You can make Easter Story Cookies:


Quick Take Four: Add a new twist to your Easter Egg hunt this year


Cascarones (Eggs with Confetti)

(Click on picture for directions.)

But if thats just too much work for you this year – you can add an egg with the word Alleluia in it or on it. The child who finds it, as part of the egg hunt, wins a special prize!

Quick Take Five: More eggs with special meanings!


In various Eastern Rites it’s common to celebrate Easter with red eggs and here’s why. Often, they are also used in a game called tsougrisma by Greeks. (One year we attended a Byzantine Easter celebration and they too played this game! The kids had a blast!)  Click here to read about how its played and find some links to some great greek recipes as a bonus.

Quick Take Six: Resurrection Eggs 


One Catholic Sistas’ family shared that they love to add Resurrection Eggs to their Easter celebrations and, at one time, had their own hand version of these eggs. Over time parts of their eggs were lost so they bought a version of this online.

Quick Take Seven: Easter Breads

So many wonderful options for celebrating with delicious and symbolic breads. (I’m sorry at this time I have not found gluten free versions of these. Please feel free to leave links to gluten free options you love in the comments section!)


Paska Breads above and below. (Click on pictures to get to baking instructions)

easter polish bread

hot cross buns

Hot Cross Buns (Again click on the picture….)

So now I have your mouth watering and it’s Good Friday too! I’d apologize but it’s still Lent so I’m just going to tell you to offer it up and get baking!

See  you next month and I can’t leave any hints as to what its gonna be about because it’s a surprise. (For you and me both!) Thanks again to  This Ain’t the Lyceum  for hosting the Quick Takes Seven and be sure to mosey on over and check out who’s over there this week.


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