Seven Catholic Sistas Ink Slingers favorite posts and why!

For this First Friday’s 7QT we will learn what are some of our ink slingers favorite articles and why they chose those particular posts. I asked them the impossible question: which is your favorite post that you have written and why?  Here are the results in the order I received them. 

7 fav posts

Quick take 1:  Rita Suva  who will begin writing on a more regular basis starting next month has to date been responsible for a lot of the behind the scenes  activities such as editing and organizing many of our photo challenges and when asked responded “Can I say that one of my favorite things is/are the Instagram photo journeys/challenges?” My answer: Absolutely!! So check ‘em out here if you have not followed any of these challenges. This one was co-lead by Rita. 

2016 Lent Photo Journey

Quick take 2Kerri has authored a number of posts as an ink slinger for Catholic Sistas. One of her favorites is Celebrating Womanhood – Catholic Church Style. When I asked why she responded: “I think I like it because it was more than just the original post itself. There are a lot of comments on this post as well which greatly added to the conversation and added a lot more depth to what I had outlined in the post.” 

A full sixty-four comments dear readers  – now THAT’S a conversation! Make sure you scroll the whole way down the post’s page if you wish to follow that discussion.

Kerris quote

Take 3: Mary S shared “ I haven’t written very many, but probably my favorite was Loving My Cross (Even When I Hate It.) It’s my favorite because although it was difficult to write, and made me think about some painful parts of my life, it was also a way of healing somewhat. It also helped me write it because it helped me see my depression in a slightly different light (as the reason I cling so tightly to Christ and the Cross), which has continued to help me handle periods of deeper depression since I wrote it. I just pray that the Holy Spirit can use my experiences to help others.”  To read this post head over here.

Marys quote

Quick Take 4: Janalin Hood shared that her current favorite was about to publish and she loved it “because it is full of images from our readers own homes!

(here’s an example of the gorgeous photos she shares with us)

Laura M - Easter

Quick Take 5: Alison H replied when I asked why she chose Thank God Judith is in the Bible: “After we decided to ‘come home to Rome’ I read all the OT books stolen from our protestant bibles and loved Judith so much. At the time I had five boys and one girl (the tough one) and what I read there had a deep impact on how I saw my daughter (so different from me) and her personality.” Now if that doesn’t pique you interest I don’t know what will!

Allisons quote

Quick take 6: Charla  chose this post for me to read When Life Gets Old. Based on a conversation we had about this favorite that she also shared another favorite post which was A time For Every Event Under Heaven.

Charlas quote

Quick take 7: A round up of a few extras. As my fellow ink slingers and I chatted back and forth about our favorites, a few extras were thrown into the foray and they are: 

Here Comes the Judge

Catholic Women and Faith in the Work Place

An Interview with Ken Howell, Former Assemblies of God Pastor

Now this last one I’m going to finish with was not directly named but referred to by Alison when she commented: ‘I think people are shocked at what the “divine health and wealth gospel” does to people when  a healing does not come. That’s why I like to share my conversion story. The Catholic Church’s teaching on redemptive suffering saved my life and marriage.’ This resonated strongly with me as a convert myself and also because of a story with me by one of my children’s’ God mother who had a friend who was not Catholic. I have never forgotten my friend’s sorrow over the blame this woman felt over her own battle with cancer because ‘obviously if she was not healing it could only be due to lack of faith on her part.’  Because this spoke so strongly to me I looked up Alison’s conversion story and I’m finishing with it here. 

STOP! HOLD THE PRESSES!  I have received a late submission and it’s so good I cannot resist adding it even though I’ve completed all of  my Seven Quick Takes! Michelle Fritz shared Three Things I used To Know About Myself as her most favorite post. 

Michelles quote

So hopefully with this round up of favorites I have provided some fun and, hopefully, inspiring reading to fill those quiet summer nights that are still ahead of us. Until next time – happy reading and don’t forgot to mosey on over to this Ain’t the Lyceum and see what everyone else is up to this week.

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