September 11th, Finding Hope

911How to find hope after September 11th?

In Genesis, chapter 9, verses 11 through 17, Our Lord tells us:

“I will establish my covenant with you, and all flesh shall be no more destroyed with the waters of a flood, neither shall there be from henceforth a flood to waste the earth. And God said: This is the sign of the covenant which I will give between me and you, and to every living soul that is with you, for perpetual generations. I will set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be the sign of a covenant between me, and between the earth. And when I shall cover the sky with clouds, my bow shall appear in the clouds: And I will remember my covenant with you, and with every living soul that beareth flesh: and there shall no more be waters of a flood to destroy all flesh. And the bow shall be in the clouds, and I shall see it, and shall remember the everlasting covenant, that was made between God and every living soul of all flesh which is upon the earth. And God said to Noe: This shall be the sign of the covenant which I have established between me and all flesh upon the earth.”

Though in 2015, the world has turned this bow, this rainbow, into another symbol, we must stay focused as to what God promised us so long ago. We must stay focused, we must stay close to the Sacraments and keeping our souls in a state of grace. Battles have been won before, even on September 11th, if we look back at history we learn that on September 11th, 1683, we won a battle against the Turks in Vienna.  September 11th, 2001, did change our lives for ever, but lets take this as a wake up call for our souls and our lives.  Like those who fought in Vienna, 1683, with a Rosary in hand, lets also battle this war which is a war of powers and principalities with our Rosaries in hand and our knees bent in prayer to God almighty.  He has won this war, after all, as He has conquered death!

“Behold the Cross of the Lord: Flee, enemy bands!” ~ Mark of Aviano, a Capuchin friar, in 1683

“Behold the Cross of the Lord: Flee, enemy bands!” ~ Mark of Aviano, a Capuchin friar, in 1683


Yesterday, many people witnessed this beautiful rainbow over the World Trade Center, God is sending us a sing of hope.  Let us trust in Him.

rainbow 911


Here is a beautiful video which was narrated by  Tom Hanks the epic story of the 9/11 boatlift that evacuated half a million people from the stricken piers and seawalls of Lower Manhattan.

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