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What if you could buy ONE cost effective planner for all your needs? A new Catholic planner is in town and she brought some fun bundles with her! If you love Catholic Sistas and it has brought you joy or inspired you to greater depths of passion for our beautiful Catholic faith, then you will love supporting us by purchasing this new downloadable planner that YOU can print at home! It is our annual fundraiser, intended to help keep the blog running and cover basic maintenance expenses. At $7.50 for the planner and $5.00 for each bundle, you can be sure you are getting the most for your dollar. 




Side tabs can be found on Amazon Prime and are by a company called Semikolon
Designate the boxes according to your needs – mine are Blog, STW {my church}, and Family. You could designate a row of boxes to meal planning, too! The flexibility and creativity is up to you!





Tabs can be found on Amazon Prime by a company called Girl of All Work



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  1. I love going to St. Williams parish when I’m in Austin visiting my daughters! I’m glad to see this post and will order a planner. God bless you, your homeschool and your ministry!

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