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When They Leave the Faith

Have your adult children stopped practicing the Catholic Faith? This story will hit close to home. Journey with our author as she sharesRead more »

Uniting to Christ’s Life-Giving Suffering

God’s perfect original plan did not include all of this suffering. In the same way, His original plan did not include sending His SonRead more »

How to Radiate Awesome (…and still be humble)

“Be who you were meant to be and you will set the world on fire.”  When we’re being what God made us to be, we’re ridiculously awesome.Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions

“So, what’s your New Year’s resolution?” I smiled and politely responded, “I’m not sure yet,” all the while fighting the urge to launchRead more »

Coupon Codes and Gift Ideas to Rock Your Little One’s Easter Basket in 2018

Have you planned out Easter baskets for your kiddos yet? Or are you like me and it hasn’t even crossed your mind –Read more »

The Frazzled Catholic Mom’s Guide to Getting through Mass (Mostly) in One Piece

Get the experience of being the frazzled Catholic mom {and dad, too!} in the pew! If you’re a parent who brings your small circus toRead more »

My Liturgical Suitcase: The Penitential Psalms

I never felt a weight associated with the liturgical seasons until I had children. From the moment I held my eldest son, I knew I had theRead more »

Love, Despite

Despite. Initially, I thought it was a negative word that implied a struggle, a difficulty, a challenge to overcome. But after stewing onRead more »

Imagining Ourselves Away from Anxiety and Into the Arms of Christ

Does anxiety present itself as an impediment to spiritual growth? Read through to see how Stephanie overcame her bouts of anxiety andRead more »

Beyond the Darkness

I wrote this post last year after a dark season of Lent.  If you entered the Lenten season with a heavy heart, where fears and doubtsRead more »

“Peter Moments” and Lent

…the more I realized I had just experienced a “Peter moment.” A moment in which I was called to identify Christ in my life, or it wasRead more »

Meatless Meals That Will Make You Drool in 2018

How’s it going so far? A few of my friends swear by McDonald’s Fillet of Fish for Fridays in Lent. Who am I to judge?!Read more »

GIVEAWAY: The Holy Week Spiritual Care Package for the Woman Who is So Stressed Out She Didn’t Realize Lent is Almost Over

Ever thought to yourself, wow I had such great intentions with Lent and now – life. You had your Lenten disciplines all lined up,Read more »

Fast and Easy Front Door Wreath for Lent

I decided that this year I want to not only decorate our home for the liturgical year but that I also want to promote our beautiful andRead more »

God’s Little Miracles: What Great Grandma Called Them

We are approaching a special time of year in Southern Indiana: mushroom season. My great grandmother always called them God’s littleRead more »