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Social Media is Ruining Social Justice Here’s Why

Social Media is Ruining Social Justice: Here’s Why

If our commitment to social justice is SOLELY based on our social media scrolling, if our activism is SOLELY reactionary, we are never.Read more »

The Language of Pro-Choice and How We Can Defeat It

The Language of Pro-Choice – and How we Can Defeat It

“Defend the unborn against abortion even if they persecute you, calumniate you, set traps for you, take you to court, or kill you.” PopeRead more »

That Ache in my Heart when He's Away

That Ache in my Heart when He’s Away

This life we chose to live, the Army life, can be hard, lonely, stressful and difficult, with long days and even longer months apart.Read more »

Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities

My fear is that all of these missed opportunities will be shown to me, newsreel style – I know that’s weird but it’s my imaginaryRead more »

It Wasn’t a Coincidence

We had been praying fervently for three years to conceive a child. Throughout that time we lived through the stages of infertility: denial,Read more »

IVF Hurts People with Disabilities

IVF Hurts People with Disabilities

“Since prenatal screening tests were introduced in Iceland in the early 2000s, the vast majority of women — close to 100 percentRead more »

The Best Dang Road Trippin' Van and Essential Travel Hacks

The Best Dang Road Trippin’ Van & Essential Travel Hacks

Spanning nearly three decades, we have made the trek to NoVA many a time in a Sentra, a Trooper, a Santa Fe, and Yukon XL. As our familyRead more »

Going Deeper

Going Deeper

Even though the rich young man went away sorrowful, he had a choice of what to do with that encounter with God.Read more »

Of Note-July 2019

We’ve had swimming lessons, baseball, picnics, and are planning at least 3 summer get-aways. Let’s take a look at what has beenRead more »

Dark Knight

Dark Night

Mention the words “dark night” in conversation today and most likely one’s first reaction will be to conjure up images ofRead more »

Crisis of Faith

Crisis of Faith

I’m struggling with my relationship with the Church and have stopped attending Mass since October.Read more »

Lessons in Generosity

Lessons in Generosity

Jesus teaches, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). One of my life goals is to be generous to a fault. MyRead more »

Homecoming Day: The Long-Awaited Reward After a 7 Month Deployment

I tried to imagine watching everything my boys did through Ben’s eyes, and suddenly the sting of deployment washed away. God was providing.Read more »

Listen Up! Catholic Podcasts

Podcasting has been around for 15 years and I have just recently discovered some of the rich Catholic content the platform has to offer.Read more »

Loss and Legacy

Loss and Legacy

Through death I begin to understand what it means to honour someone else’s legacy. Oxford dictionary tells us that a legacy is “somethingRead more »

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