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Love As Christ Loved (Part 2): Recognizing Our Spouse Through the Eyes of Christ

I previously wrote about how we should love ourselves as Christ loved us on the Cross. He recognizes our inherent worth and beauty,Read more »

Unity and Name Calling Within the Pro-Life Movement

In so many ways, the pro-life movement seems to be winning. We are passing multiple pro-life laws at the state level, attacking legalizedRead more »

Who is My Master?

We are slaves to many things in our daily lives; work, commutes, money, material goods, physical fitness, sex, food, sports andRead more »

A Fork in the Catholic Homeschool Road

So, imagine my surprise on the heels of seven years of homeschooling last year when I seemingly made a hasty decision to enroll my thenRead more »

Love As Christ Loved (Part 1): Recognizing Our Own Love, Light, and Goodness

God is Love. God is Light. God is Goodness. God’s arch-enemy, is determined to destroy all of God’s Creation – determined toRead more »

“You Shall Not Pass!”

I read this past year (I do not recall where) that mercy is that love that keeps evil at bay. Mercy does not permit evil to progressRead more »

We Are the Warriors: Reflections on Anxiety

Welcome to this installment in the series Real and Raw – Soul-Stirring Stories, a series focused on taking a candid look atRead more »

Running to the Tomb

Peter’s brow is furrowed with worry and his eyes are open wide in suspense.  One wonders what thoughts were running through theirRead more »

The Eyes of Suffering

We see suffering in the eyes of the mother of a stillborn, the father of an addict, the scared abandon child, the broken-hearted widow, theRead more »

The Answer is Always the Same

It could be posed in my prayer journal. It could be in the form of a petition during Mass. Or it could be whispered in the dark of aRead more »

A Little “Light” Reading: Dark Night of the Soul by St. John of the Cross

But…I’m starting to finally get it…the purpose of this liturgical season, the reason for it occurring every year, its calendar positionRead more »

A Letter to My Daughter on Her First Holy Communion

Dear Daughter, I remember my First Holy Communion like it was yesterday. I remember the warm May day, the excitement of putting on myRead more »

The Missing Component of the #MeToo Movement

Anger, one of the many emotions we may feel on a daily basis, can be used as a tool. It can be a catalyst for change. In fact, it isRead more »

My Kid Drinks Juice during Mass – Sorry (Not Sorry) If That Offends You.

The title is a bit tongue-in-cheek. Please let me explain. THE JUICE INCIDENT My son’s iPod rings several times from his pocket. He pullsRead more »

Roasted Acorn Squash with Cranberry Rice Medley

A food that I’m really fond of using is squash because it’s so versatile. You can use so many different squashes in so manyRead more »