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Mercy and Justice -or- My Perfect Confession

+JMJ+ I’m Catholic and have been since birth.  My faith has always been part of the definition of me.  That being said, in May 2010Read more »

The Family That Prays Together…

We have all heard the phrase, “The family that prays together, stays together”.  How many of us though have ever really thoughtRead more »

Who Am I?

This past Saturday, my husband & I were sitting on the couch just having a general day. I can’t remember what started theRead more »

The R-word and the D-word

University of Miami Hurricanes I can’t help putting my two cents in response to Longhorns and Aggies can get along.  I also went to a veryRead more »

Splendid Sundays

Did you know every three years we read nearly the entire Bible through Mass? As part of our blogging schedule, we have agreed as a groupRead more »

Scary hot

Notice the time the picture was taken I just now got back from the grocery store after picking up a few items I wouldn’t buy atRead more »

If only he’d gone about things differently…

As I nervously sat down in my first RCIA (Roman Catholic Instruction for Adults) session, the last thing I expected to hear from one of theRead more »

Be “in” the World, not “of” the World

Pope Benedict speaking to the masses at World Youth Day Interested in seeing what sort of news there was about World Youth Day in Madrid,Read more »

To Pray With Confidence

There is this part in Mass where the priest says: “And now, let us pray with confidence in the words our Savior gave us.” ThisRead more »

Longhorns and Aggies *CAN* get along!

Recently I was asked by an online Catholic friend if I received a package yet. I hadn’t, so when I checked the mail after a long mail holdRead more »

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