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Seriously, what do you mean by ‘Choice’?

Welcome to Sanger’s Choice Cafe, my name is Margaret and I will be serving you today. You will be having water, spinach and liver.Read more »

Splendid Sundays: Proclaim Life!

Third Sunday of Ordinary Time Today’s readings at USCCB: Think about the job God gave toRead more »

BabyCenter advocates for abortifacients?

Many Catholic Sistas contributors participated on another site called BabyCenter when we were pregnant. We were looking forRead more »

Breeding Power

Idiocracy, 20th Century Fox Film, 2006 A few months ago, a movie rental named Idiocracy arrived in a familiar red envelope to our home. ItRead more »

Note to Self: Age with Joy

If I’m going to run the race, I want to finish well.  As soon as the end is in sight, I want to push myself even harder and faster untilRead more »

Winners announced: This is not a veiled attempt at a giveaway – we ARE giving away a free veil!

Our winners for last week’s giveaway of a free veil from Veils by Lily are listed below. WinnerS you say? Didn’t you say youRead more »

When Women Unsexed Themselves

The book, Our Bodies, Our Selves, is passed out around the U.S. to women at reproductive health facilities, the standard guide forRead more »

Confessions of a Recovering Lesbian

One of the most controversial teachings of Catholicism is its teaching on homosexuality. According to the Catechism of the CatholicRead more »

Save the baby humans!

”This ancient offering is the purpose of her journey – of her whole life. She is a mother. She has triumphed. She will not beRead more »

History lesson

History was my first love as a child. As far back as I could remember my father would bring home The National Geographic and even before IRead more »

What If His People Prayed….and acted?

My 8 year old made this sign for the 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil. Long before I became a Catholic Christian, I was a huge fan ofRead more »

Eugenics in disguise

Not much can surprise me these days.  Being the mother of 5 children, I’ve kind of “seen it all” …. And with the baby of my 5 girls havingRead more »

Balancing the Beatitudes

I’ve been having this pining voice telling me recently to look more deeply into the Beatitudes, which I’ve been trying to swatRead more »

Splendid Sundays: Serving with the Body

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Open USCCB Lectionary 65 to read along. Sing with me!  “Here I am Lord, is it I Lord?  I have heardRead more »

A Response to “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus” by Jefferson Bethke

[youtube] “A video has been making the roundsRead more »