Dear Husband,

Dear Husband

Dear Husband,

I see you across the table.  I see how tired your eyes are and how your body hurts.  I see you.  But I can’t hold your hand or stroke your hair right now because the children are crying for me to finish feeding them and get them to bed. 

The truth is, after almost ten years of marriage, the couple we once were is almost unrecognizable.  “For better or for worse”… I’m pretty sure I got the better end of that deal.  After four kids and devoting myself to our family there isn’t much but a glimpse left of the bride that you watched walk down the isle.  Thank you for loving me for my heart and not only for the way I look.

I worry about you.  About the fact that there just plain isn’t enough of me at the end of the day to give to you.  I am sorry.  Please know that you have my heart even more every day. This life that we have built takes everything I have in me.  Most days I am up to the many hats I have to wear but I still fall short more often than I would like. 

We have been monumentally blessed with our children and I thank God daily that you are their daddy.  They could not have a better role model of what a Godly husband and father looks like and I am grateful for your steadfast example. 

I am eternally grateful for your Faith.  Thank you for bringing me to the fullness of the Catholic Church.  I have no doubt that God brought us together knowing you would lead me to Him in a deeper, more knowing, way..  Because of you I am Catholic and because of you I have experienced Christ and His love to the depths of my soul. 

Ten years ago I was worried about the right china, selecting the towels for our registry, and the printing of our programs for the wedding guests.  Now the dishes are chipped and broken, the towels are ragged, and the programs have long been discarded.  But we remain steadfast and true to one another and to God.  Day by day dedicating our lives to Christ and putting our family first we are working towards heaven.  There is no one I would rather have by my side than you on this journey.


Your Wife

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