#CSAdvent – Are You Ready for an Instagram Photo Challenge?



If you’ve been following any of our social media accounts lately, you’ve been waiting patiently for this day. You didn’t know it would happen today, but you knew it would eventually happen. You LOVED our Lenten Photo Journey. And just when you thought you’d need to wait another three months to participate, THIS happened. And now you are so game on it isn’t even funny. Things just got real. Your Advent season just got kicked up a notch.

This season of preparation and anticipation of Christ’s birth four dear friends will be leading the challenge. They are Michelle, Rita, Rachael, and Jaime.

  • Use the hashtag #CSAdvent
  • TAG US! @CatholicSistas on InstagramPinterest, and Facebook,  @Catholic_Sistas on Twitter and +CatholicSistas on Google+.
  • I’m not on Instagram, but I participate in other social media platforms! No worries! Anytime you share a picture, please tag us {according to our tags on each social media platform} and use the hashtag #CSAdvent.
  • We strongly recommend you use other hashtags such as #Catholic #Christian #themeoftheday #Jesus #Advent
  • Are you blogging about your Advent Photo Journey? Link back to us or comment with a link to your post!
  • Download the graphic here to share with others!


3 Replies to “#CSAdvent – Are You Ready for an Instagram Photo Challenge?”

  1. I’m on instagram (gidgetgrlreading) but private so no one will be able to see my pictures that doesn’t follow me. I’m so doing this though, I came in on the Lent one on the last few days, so I’m excited about doing the Advent one.

    I will try to do a weekly post on my pictures each Sunday in Advent. http://faithfullyreading.wordpress.com/

  2. I’m kind of new at Instagram….and I’m having a harder time than expected finding my people on Instagram….and being found. Follow me….and help me make sure I’m doing it right? I’ll be doing the Advent Challenge as much as possible!
    I think my Instagram is MonicaArmaDei

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