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The Visitation

Tomorrow is an optional memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and next Wednesday is the feast day of St. Benedict. To honor both theseRead more »

From Nicaragua to Now: One Family’s Sacrifices for Freedom

Less than 12 hours after the ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) on ObamaCare, my Facebook wall took a drastic turn.Read more »

Birthday Bash

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. Today is my mom’s birthday (I’ll let her tell you how many years ;-)). Two days from now isRead more »

Regret Will Inevitably Come Knocking

What I am about to share is truly my darkest hour of life. I have a “no-regret” policy when it comes to the way I live, but I cannot seemRead more »

A War of Words: the HHS Mandate

  Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard about the controversy with the HHS Mandate and the CatholicRead more »

The Stunning Death Toll of LEGAL Abortion

One of the most frequently cited arguments against criminalizing abortion is this: If abortion is illegal, women will resort to dangerous,Read more »

Religious Freedom Rally: Silence Makes Us An Accessory to Sin

Rally for Religious Freedom, Lexington, KY; Photo courtesy of Cindy Olson (c) 2012 On Friday June 8, 2012 cities all across the countryRead more »

164 cities Stand Up for Religious Freedom

Over 160 cities, nationwide, joined in a concerted effort spearheaded by Eric Scheidler and Pro-Life Action League. The subject of theRead more »

Oh, Obama…

…when will you understand simple logic? I’d like to respond by saying, “No, you can’t deny citizens of theirRead more »

Let’s Get Back to the Future

While it is news that Michael J. Fox is finally admitting embryonic stem cells (ESCs) won’t cure him (or anything), those of usRead more »

Sometimes Moms Need Their Mother, Too

Some 2000 years ago a young woman gave her yes to God.  With that yes came great joy, because when you truly follow God’s will forRead more »

My Catholic Kid is Gay! Now What??

In a previous article, I detailed my ongoing struggle with same-sex attraction (SSA) as I live out my vocation as a Catholic wife andRead more »

Lord, Help Us Help Our Country

I’ll admit it: the HHS Mandate debacle has been on my radar since the news came down the pike. How dare a government dictate that aRead more »

Eliminate Abortion to Reduce Breast Cancer

Don’t want breast cancer? Eliminate a huge risk and don’t have abortions! A new study from China indicates thatRead more »

Why You Don’t Have to Use NFP

{disclaimer: I realize that NFP is not always used to avoid pregnancy, but can also be used for medical awareness and to help achieveRead more »

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