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19 Shockingly Simple Ways to Live Your Crazy Catholic Life

I know it, you know it. Our lives are filled with “busy.” My definition of busy varies from others. I know at times I look atRead more »

Creating a Monastery in Your {Catholic} Homeschool in 10 Steps

When I was in college, I prayed and discerned a vocation to become a sister or a nun.  I was enthralled by the Carmelite Sisters of theRead more »

Why Religion Matters More Than Science

I just finished writing a thesis about the late Father Stanley Jaki’s work for a Master’s degree in Theology, and my brainRead more »

Family Time… It’s what’s for Dinner!

You may have noticed here at Catholic Sistas that we take our food seriously.  On our website here we have recipes you can pull up completeRead more »

7 Quick Takes Friday, no. 20: All Saints Facts and Trivia

For today’s 7 Quick Takes fun and in honor of the feast day we celebrate, I thought I’d bring you a little history and a bit ofRead more »

The Prayer of a Flake

When I was a little girl, my dad would come to my bedside at night, and he would pray with me from a little black prayer-book that hadRead more »

Jesus Is Lord: Prayer Session {Growth}

Welcome to the Jesus Is Lord series, a course offered for adults at St. William Catholic Church in Round Rock, Texas. If this is your firstRead more »

No-Sew All Saints’ Day Costume {for the procrastinators!}

If you are spending today putting the finishing touches on your children’s All Saints’ Day costumes, or the completed costumesRead more »

It’s His Feast Day ~ Read His Book!

Jude, Judah, Judas, Thaddeus ~ this man was one of the Twelve, a New Testament author, and is the patron saint of desperate cases (givenRead more »

Your Handy-Dandy List to All Things All Saints Day!

Just the other day, my kiddos came home with a sheet from their faith formation classes that outlined some great ideas for dressing as aRead more »

Preparing for All Saints’ Day

As each of my kids approached mid-fall of their second grade year, an excitement comes over me in anticipation of the Saint project!  MyRead more »

Jesus Is Lord: Holy Spirit – Going from the Seat to the Feet {Week Five}

Welcome to the Jesus Is Lord series! This is the fifth installment of the Jesus Is Lord course offered for adults at St. William CatholicRead more »

What Happens at Mass, Stays at Mass

Unless you don’t have television and haven’t for a long time, you have probably seen the wildly popular campaign ad from Las Vegas “WhatRead more »

The Catechism at Random: Preaching the Gospels

Lacking any inspiration for a topic for today’s post I decided to make use of a little exercise that I often hear one of my local CatholicRead more »

Thirty Ways to Love Your Mother

Autumn brings cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and plenty of Marian feast days! We just celebrated Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary onRead more »

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