911 for Your Marriage

Greg and Julie Alexander

Is your marriage in trouble? Is it healthy? Either way, I have a book to recommend: Marriage 911 by Greg and Julie Alexander.

I just read this book today and was so inspired by it. The Alexanders have an incredible story of God’s grace bringing their marriage back from the brink of death. Even though I had heard their story years ago from their own lips, I was captivated by reading it in their book.

They chronicle their history together, starting as your “normal” secular couple who cohabitated before getting married, then down the path of destruction that selfishness and the world led them down, before finally seeing God’s outstretched hand and taking it.They pull no punches and discreetly but candidly share the reality of the bad decisions they made leading up to their resurrection.

Along the way, they share the insights they’ve gained into what makes a marriage work. Not only do they have first-hand knowledge from their own marriage, but they also draw on their years of mentoring and counseling other couples whose relationships are in trouble.

After Christ saved their marriage and family, He called them to a unique mission, which became The Alexander House, an apostolate to help people learn God’s plan for marriage. I was amazed when I read about how close their apostolate came to never making it. And how close Julie almost came to not making it, after suffering a shocking heart attack. But I won’t give these great parts away.

Just reading the book made me ask myself how well I have been loving my wife. The Alexanders are right: it’s easy to take your spouse for granted. And even a good marriage, as Katie and I are blessed with, needs constant work and attention to keep it healthy.

The book alternate chapters first from Greg’s perspective, then from Julie’s, making it varied and fun to read.

On a personal note, we got to know Greg and Julie while living in Austin. A kinder and humbler couple you cannot find. I had hoped for their mission’s success and knew of some of the tribulations they were facing. So I was overjoyed when I learned their work was starting to take off, knowing that countless people would be blessed from hearing their story and getting in contact with them.

Whether your marriage is strong or ailing, I can’t recommend their book highly enough.

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