7 Quick Takes Friday, no. 13

Welcome to 7 Quick Takes, Sistas style! Today, I’d like you to meet Rachel, one of our writers here and a busy mom of five. I hope you enjoy getting to know her through these 7 questions. Feel free to leave a comment to ask her about anything else you want to know about her. And don’t forget to go check out more Quick Takes at Jen’s blog Conversion Diary.


What is your favorite secret indulgence?  Do you have to have a hiding spot in your house for it?

Oh my … I have a lot of indulgences I’m afraid to say. I really, really love Diet Coke, more than any person should love a material item. But my most favorite way to enjoy my beverage of choice, is a freezing cold can of Diet Coke in a steamy hot shower. Yep. Oh, and with a locked door on the bathroom so I can enjoy my luxury in peace. I think a close second would be Funyuns dipped in Tostitos queso dip, but that indulgence isn’t quite as figure flattering as Diet Coke, so it rarely happens these days.


How did you meet your husband?

My husband Eric and I met in our Catholic high school, in 1999. We ran in the same nerdy band kid crowd. We each were best friends with siblings from the same family, so we often saw one another at their house, at play practice, swing choir practice, and so on. Eric’s senior year, and my junior year, we were both in the musical “Little Shop of Horrors”, and we both were eaten by the plant. I guess there’s something about being shoved in a 2 square foot space with a puppeteer that really sets the mood.

After becoming friends during that musical, I got up the courage to ask Eric out on a date. I had free tickets to see ZZ Top and Lynard Skynard, and he said yes. Eric likes to pretend our song is “She’s Got Legs”, but clearly if you are going to pick a song from that concert it has to be “Free Bird”.

We were official the next day, and we’ve been together ever since. I sometimes miss those days, when he’d pick me up in his 1987 Dodge Aires with a bench seat in the front, and we’d discuss endless plans for our future. But I have to say, it’s even more fun to live all of those plans we made at age 16.


What is your favorite hymn?

I love church music, I find it so heartwarming and I am often brought to tears during Mass because of the music. As an adult convert, I became familiar with Catholic Mass music when I took my first teaching job at a Catholic elementary school. A lot of Mass music holds some nostalgia for me because of that job; one song can bring back so many memories. Specifically, “Were You There” never fails to move me. I remember the first time I heard it was during a daily Mass as a teacher. Hearing 500 children sing that song, how could any mother leave with dry eyes, really?


Where is your dream vacation spot?

Well, my husband recently asked me this same question and my reply will be the same here, my dream vacation at the moment is to stay home and send the other six people who live here somewhere! I know that sounds ridiculous, but right now, in the thick of toddlerville, I would just love a quiet day alone in my house. I know I’m supposed to say Rome, or Disney World or something, but I just want to sleep in, clean my house, and read a book on my couch cover to cover, all with no interruptions. Of course I’d be crazy after about four hours of silence, but still, that’s a kind of crazy I think I could handle.


Where do you write and why?

I do not consider myself to be a good writer by any means. In fact, though I was an A student in college, I failed a paper miserably for not understanding symbolism. I’m a pretty black and white kind of person. But, I do enjoy writing. I usually grab my laptop after a quick pick up of the house during nap time, plop down on the couch, and write a post in one go. I find that the Holy Spirit usually gives me an idea while I’m folding laundry, and then I pour out my heart in one quick spurt. Sometimes that works to my benefit, and sometimes I read what I wrote and realize it makes absolutely no sense. My husband is my best critic, and always proofreads everything I write.


Tell us about some unusual things that make you happy?

Here’s my top ten, David Letterman style….

10. Baby feet running on the wood floor
9. A freshly made bed
8. Bean Dip
7. Margaritas and homemade pico de gallo
6. Pictures of me drawn by my children
5. Babywearing
4. Grocery shopping alone with my husband
3. A completely cleared off kitchen counter
2. Anything covered in chocolate
1. Watching my babies sleep on the video monitor


Do you put beans in your chili or not?

Why yes, yes I do, except when I serve it to my southern friends, I call it “The Soup of Northern Aggression” because they have this strange notion that “chili ain’t got no beans.” Not only do I put beans in my chili, but I like to experiment with all different kinds of beans. My favorite chili is Black Bean Lentil Chili with no meat! I also am a lover of white chilis.

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