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Promote Planned Parenthood Alternatives

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As your eyes water and your heart breaks while your news feed fills with undercover video after undercover video exposing the bowels of Planned Parenthood, I challenge you, our Catholic Sistas readers, to promote Planned Parenthood alternatives.

Promote adoption agencies, those you or your friends have used.  Promote low cost health care clinics people can turn to instead of Planned Parenthood.  And promote your local pregnancy crisis and resource centers.

Many good hearted Americans stand behind Planned Parenthood because they deeply have a heart for women in need.  We have that in common with them.  Yet, there are a good number of sincere Americans who fear that by taking away Planned Parenthood too many women will be left helpless in a perceived void.  Americans who do not run in pro-life circles are completely unaware of the network of alternatives to the giant and marketing genius of Planned Parenthood. 

For every “like” of a pro-life post, promote Planned Parenthood alternatives.  Promote new ones, promote the same ones.  Share fundraising pages.  Share how your local grocer’s rewards program will donate money to the charity of your choice, and suggest a local pregnancy center.  Describe all of the services each center provides.  Promote organizations like Rachael’s Vineyard and The Gabriel Project. Don’t just passively like.  Don’t just aggressively fight. Actively promote!

Raise awareness and funds for the places where both the staff and company policy alike treat their clients body, mind and soul as healthy, cherished women.  Don’t let Planned Parenthood keep the spotlight.  Let’s heavily promote Planned Parenthood alternatives.


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Adrienne is a cradle Catholic married to a devout Evangelical Christian. They have been married eleven years and have three beautiful blessings, one boy and two girls. She spends her days homesechooling the kiddos and enjoys Catholic apologetics and photography. As a former Software Engineer, writing in the English language is not her strong suit, but she’s trying her best at Catholic Sistas, well, because they let her.

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