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Come, Holy Spirit, and Give Us Patience

This is the fourth of a 12-part, once-a-month series on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. This month’s fruit is PATIENCE. Be sure to see previous posts beginning with CHARITY and check back next month as another contributor explores the fruit of KINDNESS.

The other night after dinner, my husband and I {along with the kidlets} were clearing, cleaning and washing dishes while we chatted about the day’s events. A small snippet went like this:

Me: You know, I really feel like the gals are making the blog their own by jumping in with all these great ideas. Kerri had an awesome idea to start a series on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and the other gals started pitching in with their own contributions and voila! a new idea was born. {stay with me, kind reader – I’m a chatter box} I woke up this morning to see a document had started and several of the ladies had already signed up for their respective fruit they will be writing about. I saw kindness, patience, peace…

Husband: yeah…

Me: Yeah, so I signed up to write about patience.


Husband: you. You? You signed up for patience?

Me: {cutting dear husband off} yeah, yeah, the irony isn’t lost on me on this one.

::Insert the next two days of absolute hell that involved three rounds of confession – I won’t say for whom to protect the not-so innocent-at-the-time::

My brain was racked with ways to really reflect on what patience is…it consumed my daily thoughts until I decided to open up the dashboard and, with the help of some friends who helped me brainstorm, get my thoughts out in a clean post…and I came up with this:

Patience is praying in spite of not knowing the outcome

Patience is dying to self

Patience is a virtue

Patience is listening when you want to talk, waiting when you want to act

Patience is letting your child help you, even though it takes 10 times as long

Patience is trying to find a friend, any friend in your darkest hour and coming up with nothing only to find it’s God who wants you to lay your head on His shoulder

Patience is my Achille’s heel

Patience is while suffering hyperemesis, not biting the head off a well-meaning person who asks you (like every previous day), “Have you tried Saltines?”

Patience is waiting for the words… 

Habemus Papam!

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About Martina Kreitzer

Martina is a cradle Catholic, wife to Neil, and mother to seven kiddos here {and three in heaven}– 4/96-1/17. She decided to homeschool the kiddos in 2010 after many years in public schools and is currently transitioning out of homeschooling. She is the creator of Catholic Sistas which focuses on a feminine perspective of the Catholic Faith. The website was the result of an existing camaraderie by the contributors in a Catholic women’s group she created. She is also a Seal of Approval evaluator for the Catholic Writers Guild. Lest you think she spends all her time online, Martina has enjoyed getting out into the community by serving on the Pastoral Council from 2010-2013. She is constantly on the lookout to make her parish as welcoming as the small town she grew up in East Texas. This task is not easy given that St. William is the largest parish in the Austin diocese, serving well over twenty thousand parishioners. She loves Jesus, coffee, bacon, chocolate, photography, more bacon, evangelizing, and the company of those unafraid to use their sense of humor.

  • michele - You had hyperemesis?! Wow…I would love reading a whole post about this from a Catholic mom (ie open to more than one or two children!) perspective. I’m on my second pregnancy, suffering from hyperemesis again and I’d love some words of encouragement!!!!! I’m sure I’m not alone!March 1, 2013 – 7:18 amReplyCancel

  • Martina - Michelle, my apologies! I should have better clarified in the post that I had the help of others in compiling the “patience is…” list. I actually do not suffer from hyperemesis, but one of our contributors does. I’d be happy to pass along the message and see if she can share some words of encouragement in an upcoming post. 🙂March 1, 2013 – 10:16 amReplyCancel

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