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When “I’m pro-life, except” really happens…

A B O R T I O N: The rationalizations are many… “Why have a baby born into a family who does not want ‘it’?” “What aboutRead more »

Life Begins at Conception

In my first post with the Sistas I told you about my Infertility journey. The only way that I can share this post is to be extremely honestRead more »


When I was 19 I made the mistake of seeking love from a man I dated in the wrong way and I started down a path of impurity that lasted, onRead more »

Why hello there, Catholic pro-life symbol!

Design by Erika V.   We are super excited to officially launch this design as a uniquely Catholic pro life symbol.** Though theRead more »

Evangelizing Atheists: Part 2

In my first post on atheists, I described why most people resort to atheism over belief in God. With that foundation, we can better exploreRead more »

Respect Life while Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

October is LOUDLY and vividly proclaimed as breast cancer awareness month. Pink ribbons adorn almost every known object – some thatRead more »

Five Things I Think Are Cool About the Church That You Should Think Are Cool, Too.

I can’t believe it’s October already. This year has gone by at warp speed. I realized the other day that a year ago- lastRead more »

Splendid Sundays

Did you know that through Sunday Mass, nearly the entire Bible is covered in the three year cycle of readings? As part of our bloggingRead more »

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…

"Good women have abortions" Photo taken by Elizabeth McClung UPDATE: I received an e-mail* from the good folks at WholeRead more »

“America, defend life!”

The month of October is designated by the pro-life community as Respect Life month. This is a time for us as Catholics and pro-life peopleRead more »

The winner of our very first giveaway is…drumroll please!

Our random number generator determined that #37 was the winner…or, Holly Schwartz! Congratulations!!   Congratulations, Holly!Read more »

Mass Changes: Children, Catalogs, Construction, and more

Is your life full of change of some sort or another? Does change stress you out or do you easily accept it? Change is one of those thingsRead more »

Ponder in your heart

It’s well known that it’s easier to see problems in others than yourself. After all, we can justify anything to ourselves, butRead more »

Lose 20 Pounds by Christmas

I know what sells magazines.  Tell people how they can look and feel better than their neighbor as defined by our secular and materialisticRead more »

Life is a Gift

I’m a deep thinker. I love to mull things over. I love to look at a problem from multiple sides. I love to contemplate big topics. ThisRead more »

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