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Fireweed Children and NFP

Children are flowers for mothers to tend. My sweet garden grows astringent yarrow, cheerful fuschia, ubiquitous dandelion, delicateRead more »

EYEWITNESS Accounts from The Capitol in Austin: The Night SB1 Passed

As I wrap up posts on the events that happened during the second session at the Capitol, I wanted to leave you with stories and videosRead more »

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Your Mercy Saved Me

I have a strong devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Being that this is His month, I wanted to share a little story of myRead more »

I’m Catholic. I’m Gay. Now What? (Part 2)

I said in Part 1 of this article that at the root of same-sex attraction (SSA) is the same desire that’s at the bottom ofRead more »

Young, Evangelical, and Catholic

Every person’s faith comes from another. Growing up, my parents took me and my siblingsRead more »


I have been an avid horseman* for as long as I can remember. After turning her back on me for a moment as a toddler, my mother found meRead more »

Recognizing God’s Gift

NOTE: This story was written while the author was still in the midst of her journey to Catholicism. She had not yet embraced the CatholicRead more »

We Love Someone with Autism

My name is Carey.  I have been married for eleven years.  I have four children, two boys and two girls, ages ten, eight, five and one. IRead more »

When in Rome…

Have you wondered what it would have been like to be in St. Peter’s Square when the white smoke appeared? The electricity of it all?Read more »

Confessions of The Original Online Junkie: One Cannot Live Online Alone

By now you’ve got a rough idea of my history online. I haven’t touched much on the addiction aspect yet, in part because IRead more »

Confessions of The Original Online Junkie – Series Debut, part II

As I mentioned in the debut post of this series, my oldest was five years old, enrolled in kindergarten, and not enrolled in religiousRead more »

My Love Affair with the Pope

What is it about an elderly man ascending to the Chair of Peter that causes me, an old Baptist girl, to swoon?  I swell with pride, myRead more »

Emergency Contraception Revisited

Several questions in the comment box and further research has prompted me to revisit my post, Emergency Contraception: Science and Morals.Read more »

Confessions of The Original Online Junkie – Series Debut

At the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I have reluctantly decided to lay out my online testimony. As the visionary for Catholic Sistas, IRead more »

7 Quick Takes Friday, no. 10

We are once again bringing you a short interview with one of our ink slingers for this week’s 7 Quick Takes. We hope you enjoy learning aRead more »

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