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The Truth About Abortion: A Post-Abortive Woman Shares Her Story

While Planned Parenthood is busy desperately painting a picture today that rosies up the effects of abortion, we at Catholic SistasRead more »

Pick Up Your Redemption

Statue of Rachel at the Kentucky Memorial for the Unborn. Photo courtesy of W. Lee Ferguson II A little over 25 years ago, I was a youngRead more »

Seriously, what do you mean by ‘Choice’?

Welcome to Sanger’s Choice Cafe, my name is Margaret and I will be serving you today. You will be having water, spinach and liver.Read more »

Breeding Power

Idiocracy, 20th Century Fox Film, 2006 A few months ago, a movie rental named Idiocracy arrived in a familiar red envelope to our home. ItRead more »

Save the baby humans!

”This ancient offering is the purpose of her journey – of her whole life. She is a mother. She has triumphed. She will not beRead more »

The Bible for (abortion) Profit?!

(NOTE: read an important update at the end of this post!) The Bible, the holy word of God, and prayerful concern for victims of breastRead more »

No MisConception, Here!

Imagine for a moment that you could choose your mother. Unrestricted by time, out of all the women in the world, you can handpick the womanRead more »

I didn’t give you the gift of life… life gave me the gift of you

In light of the fact that November is National Adoption Awareness Month, I would like to share with you my reflection on abortion, in-vitroRead more »

History teaches, but will anyone listen?

One of the great deficiencies in education over the past few decades is the failure to teach history. The ignorance among the young isRead more »

Bald, Pregnant, and Living

Click this photo, my hand-drawn logo, to see more of my story. “You have breast cancer,” the surgeon deadpanned. I glanced atRead more »

Folding Baby Clothes to Defend the Unborn

#gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align:Read more »

PINK Betrayal

Erika and Birgit in post-chemo do’s I’m a cancer survivor. It’s a point of pride for me – and a badge of honor.Read more »

When “I’m pro-life, except” really happens…

A B O R T I O N: The rationalizations are many… “Why have a baby born into a family who does not want ‘it’?” “What aboutRead more »

Respect Life while Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

October is LOUDLY and vividly proclaimed as breast cancer awareness month. Pink ribbons adorn almost every known object – some thatRead more »

“America, defend life!”

The month of October is designated by the pro-life community as Respect Life month. This is a time for us as Catholics and pro-life peopleRead more »

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