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The Stunning Death Toll of LEGAL Abortion

One of the most frequently cited arguments against criminalizing abortion is this: If abortion is illegal, women will resort to dangerous,Read more »

Religious Freedom Rally: Silence Makes Us An Accessory to Sin

Rally for Religious Freedom, Lexington, KY; Photo courtesy of Cindy Olson (c) 2012 On Friday June 8, 2012 cities all across the countryRead more »

164 cities Stand Up for Religious Freedom

Over 160 cities, nationwide, joined in a concerted effort spearheaded by Eric Scheidler and Pro-Life Action League. The subject of theRead more »

Lord, Help Us Help Our Country

I’ll admit it: the HHS Mandate debacle has been on my radar since the news came down the pike. How dare a government dictate that aRead more »

Eliminate Abortion to Reduce Breast Cancer

Don’t want breast cancer? Eliminate a huge risk and don’t have abortions! A new study from China indicates thatRead more »

Catholic and Feminist: Can You Be Both? (Part 1)

It’s all over the news: “Vatican Launches Cleanup of American Nuns.” When the Vatican issued a scathing assessment of theRead more »

40 Days of Prayer for the UNITY of ALL Women

I wonder if the organizers of 40 Days for Life expected it to become as successful as it has just five short years after it’sRead more »


I’m a total nerd, I admit it. I was PRESIDENT of the SCIENCE CLUB in high school. I’m actually okay with this. I’ve comeRead more »

Stand Up for Religious Freedom – OWENSBORO

Defending the Catholic Church from the HHS Mandate Last Friday night – yes, SEVEN days ago – one of my acquaintances sent anRead more »

Another article about contraception? (Well, one more couldn’t hurt.)

I promise, this isn’t about the HHS Mandate. Not directly, anyway. You’ve read/heard/seen plenty of explanations as to why it is aRead more »

President Obama, LET US BE CATHOLICS!

As this newly minted Lent marches toward its first Sunday, I am refreshed from these few days of following my Rehab PROMISES. Although itRead more »

FIAT: HHS Mandate and Why We Should Care as Catholics

The HHS Mandate has been prominently in the news for the past week or so. That the current administration would violate the religiousRead more »

Why age doesn’t matter in life

My sweet 'Mutti' I used to give my sweet mother a birthday card for my birthday. I would tell her she should be the one to getRead more »

I Stand Against Planned Parenthood

[Note: The following is in response to a menacing, vitriolic letter endorsed by Planned Parenthood and featured on their website.] ThisRead more »

YES! Komen Kicks Planned Parenthood to the Curb

We at Catholic Sistas are tickled pink that prominent breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure has decided to cut tiesRead more »

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