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The Rosary is Boring (and that’s actually pretty great)

Sometimes people complain that “the Rosary is boring.” And yeah, sometimes I would have to agree. The scripted words. The stanzas ofRead more »

Tastiest Squidgeyest Yummiest Chocolate Cookies that are Sure to Get You into Heaven

Baking for others is one of my favourite projects, and I believe there’s no better way to show your love for your neighbour than by bakingRead more »

Your Ultimate 2019 Pregnancy & Infant Loss Resource Guide

Each year, on October 15 – National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Day, Catholic Sistas has made it a priority to share the vast andRead more »

The Devil is in the Details

You may wonder why our Church gives us those specific rules about what qualifies as Mass attendance when our Lord clearly demands more?Read more »

16 Things You NEED in Your Kids’ Mass Bag

But do you have a Mass bag? Oftentimes, we are asking ourselves the following each Sunday before we leave for church or in the parkingRead more »

Running – My Holy Hour

My running has felt a little flat recently. I’ve been struggling to just feel decent on my runs let alone good. My legs feel heavyRead more »

A Teacup of Grace is Enough

Similar to the British, the French also have an afternoon teatime they call “le Goûter,” which consists of tea and sweets toRead more »

Of Note–October 2019

Let’s get brutally honest here. Are you team pumpkin spice or apple cider? Me? I’m a lover of all things that taste or smellRead more »

Spiritual Lessons my Caregivers Taught Me

These people would help with daily living skills. They would be known as my caregivers. I am grateful for everyone…they taught meRead more »

Dear Distracted Mom of Littles

How do I keep toddlers behaved during Mass while still maintaining some semblance of prayer and worship for myself? – Distracted MomRead more »

Five Ways we Benefit from the Most Holy Rosary

As we fought through traffic to deliver the meal post-school pick-up, my oldest asked why we “always” make a meal for a new family. In aRead more »

Jesus In A T-Shirt

I love being Christian. I love the peace that it brings. I love what the Church stands for. I love the history it holds. I love how it’sRead more »

How I Love My Spouse Well Enough

Through the years, our communication method would became dated. What once seemed sufficient enough to convey wants and needs became aRead more »

A Space for Grief: A Reflection on Our Lady of Sorrows

A Confusing Feast On first look, Our Lady of Sorrows is confusing. It’s a whole day, a whole “Feast” Day, devoted to sorrow. How does oneRead more »

Sneaking Prayer into the Everyday

Prayer shouldn’t be that hard, should it? After all, it is (among other things) a conversation with God. I’m a chatterbox. It should beRead more »

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