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To Prom or Not to Prom

A few years ago around this time of year, I made an inquiry on my Facebook Status, “To Prom or not to Prom, that is the question”. IRead more »

Interview with Sr. Georgette Andrade, SSC: Year of Consecrated Life

This month I have the honor of sharing with you my interview with Sr. Georgette Andrade, SSC. Sr. Georgette and I have known each otherRead more »

Mothers with Muscle Memory

We’ve made it to mid-Lent. How is it going for you? As always, it starts with a gusto and, at least for me, becomes so much moreRead more »

Snow Angel

It always makes me laugh to think of my fellow Southerners panicking at this time of year when the forecast is for snow. It is very typicalRead more »

Top Tips for Flying with a Baby

It wasn’t very long ago that I was a first time mom living in Colorado, with all our family in Michigan. Traveling was a planeRead more »

Interview with Sr. Anne Joan, FSP: Year of Consecrated Life

Last month I wrote about the beginning of the Year of Consecrated Life and promised that I would be interviewing men and women inRead more »

Movie Review: “Old Fashioned” Is a Beautiful Modern Love Story

Old Fashioned tells the story of Clay and Amber, two very flawed people trying to find their beloved God’s way this time. It’sRead more »

Combat Liturgy

The tradition of the Church, and of the Goorchenko family, is to celebrate the great feasts of the Nativity and Pascha with a late nightRead more »

On Being Invisible…

Recently, a Facebook conversation turned into a discussion over when we feel “invisible” while driving. It started innocently enough. IRead more »

50 Shocking Things {Im}perfect Catholic Women Admit

Have you ever wondered if other Catholic women are normal like you, possibly not getting out of their jammies for the day, or feeding theirRead more »

Climbing Above the Crowd to See Jesus

Byzantine Catholics celebrated the Sunday of Zacchaeus this week, the first of five Sundays of preparation for the Great Fast. See LukeRead more »

Pope Francis Declares A Year of Consecrated Life

Did you know that Pope Francis declared that we should celebrate the consecrated life this year? I will admit that I did not hear aboutRead more »

The Travesty of Two Daddies

Every once in a while, I come across a story that stops me in my tracks. Like the Italian high court’s decision to overturn a pedophile’sRead more »

Our Catholic School Family

As Catholic Schools Week approaches in our diocese, I find myself reflecting on how we ended up choosing Catholic school for ourRead more »

Extreme Mothering, Extreme Grace and Peace

Our eldest and youngest, both with cystic fibrosis. Pope Francis’ recent words about mothers are so precious to me, even as I’m driven toRead more »

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