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Five Things That Make Me Happy

There are several “givens” when it comes to happiness: my husband and my kids, my family, but I want to talk about the other gifts that GodRead more »

7 Quick Takes – Catholic Homeschooling Options

April just wrapped up and if you reside in the US – you know that means tax season. Tax forms should all be filed and most are nowRead more »

Seven Quick Takes: Easter Traditions

Our forty days in the dessert are almost complete – today is Good Friday.  And while most of the Quick Takes this week will featureRead more »

Seven Quick Takes; Lent – take two!

How is your Lent going? Mine, as usual, is … well – its LENT! So, of course, many of my good intentions have been thrown intoRead more »

7 Quick Takes – the Seven Sacraments

I was rolling quite a few ideas around in my head while the calendar days were being scratched off much more quickly than I cared to seeRead more »

Seven Quick Takes: Images of the Holy Family

In honor of the feast day of the Holy family which until 1969, was celebrated the first Sunday after Epiphany, and is now celebrated theRead more »

7 Quick Takes Friday Christmas Dinner!

It feels like just yesterday I was advocating that we take joy from the beautiful browns and earthy colours that November is dressed in andRead more »

Seven Quick Takes Friday: Dealing with Dreary November

November, November, November… Such a dreary month in pretty much all the land. Summer is absolutely over; there will be no occasionalRead more »

Seven Quick Takes Friday: Name these Saints!

Its already October and while I know some mums are trying to avoid thinking about this, just about every kid whose family celebrates AllRead more »

Seven Quick Takes Friday: Great Feasts for September

I can’t believe that we are already in September and thus a new school year is upon us. As we unpack our new school supplies and possiblyRead more »

Seven Quick Takes Favorite Authors and Titles

For this weeks Quick Take 7, I polled a variety of our Catholic Sistas to come up with a quick choice of seven new authors/books you mightRead more »

Seven Quick Takes Friday: Favorite July Memories

Welcome to Seven Quick Takes Friday – Christi’s style! Kerri has done a fabulous job with this regular column for quite some time nowRead more »

7 Quick Takes Friday, #7QT: Role Model Saints for Dads

This #7QT post is for all the fathers out there. I am using the term “fathers” very broadly. Fathers are those men in our lives who raisedRead more »

7 Quick Takes Friday: Lesser Known Marian Titles

It’s May and that means it’s Mary’s month. Mary is so special to our Catholic faith that all around the world she has acquired a variety ofRead more »

7 Quick Takes Friday: 7 Signs Spring is Finally Here!

1. You wake up to birds chirping and woodpeckers pecking… or better yet, your 4 year old wakes you and asks, “What in the world is thatRead more »

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